May 8, 2021


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Scholars help helpless people in Ramadan

Special restrictions are in place in the country to deal with the second wave of the Corona epidemic. Many working people have lost their jobs due to this. On the other hand, the holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. Many scholars of the country have stood by the working people in this glorious Ramadan. Some have come forward on personal initiative. Others are doing human service under an organization or organization. A few such initiatives were highlighted.

Iftar items for 14 thousand people

The As-Sunnah Foundation, run by Shaykh Ahmadullah, a renowned scholar and media personality, has taken the initiative to distribute Iftar items in different parts of the country, including the capital Dhaka, since the beginning of Ramadan. In the meantime, the company has delivered Iftar items to 14,400 people in 26 districts throughout the month.

Maulana Rakib wants to work for the workers

Noakhali’s Chaumuhani Municipality Panel Mayor Maulana Takibu Uddin Chowdhury Rakib. Since the beginning of Ramadan, he has stood by the side of working and helpless people with various services and cooperation. So far he has distributed various health care materials, cash and iftar items among the people. He also wants to distribute Eid materials among helpless people on the upcoming Eid. The young scholar and public representative said, ‘Chaumuhani Bazar is one of the business centers of Bangladesh. Many working people work here. I want to work for their overall security and development. I want to create a welfare fund to protect the future of the workers. ‘

Two thousand families got the necessary market for Ramadan

Basmah, a service organization run by scholars, is distributing Iftar items to hundreds of people every day during Ramadan. Their service activities are going on in different districts including Dhaka, Narayanganj, Mymensingh. In addition, Basmah has provided ‘necessary markets for Ramadan’ to 2,000 helpless families and 16,000 Rohingya families have received Ramadan gifts.

Pisbe’s Ramadan supplies to 10,000 families

The People’s Improvement Society of Bangladesh (PISB), a government-approved non-government service organization, has so far distributed Iftar and Sahri to 10,290 families in more than 200 places across the country. Hafeez Maulana Imran Hussain Habibi, project director of the company, said that each packet of gifts contained rice, pulses, potatoes, onion, gram, chira, murdi, dates, turmeric-chilli powder, powdered milk, soap and a total of 21 to 25 kg of goods. Apart from this, initiatives have been taken to distribute food items to about five thousand low-income families such as teachers, rickshaw pullers, van drivers and other professionals in Dhaka. The food prepared every day is being given to 200 to 300 helpless and homeless street children in different districts including Dhaka as Iftar items. Team Pisab will distribute Eid gifts to one thousand families on the upcoming Eid.

Iftar and sahri of more than five hundred uprooted people every day

Every day since the beginning of Ramadan, the ‘National Help Force Committee’ formed by the Islamic Rule Student Movement has been distributing Iftar and Sahri to more than 500 unemployed and uprooted people in Dhaka. Apart from Iftar and Sahri, the committee is also providing ambulance and telemedicine services across the country, distributing awareness stickers and leaflets, hand sanitizers and masks.

Special assistance for helpless families

Every day during the month of Ramadan, Iftar items are being distributed to more than 500 people in different areas of the district under the supervision of Maulana Ziaul Haque, director of Mahad An Nibras in Cox’s Bazar. In addition, more than five hundred local scholars have been provided with the necessary food items for Ramadan as a special assistance and these scholars have come forward with the help of special crisis and endangered families.