May 8, 2021


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So much decay, so much death, so much wailing!

It seems difficult to keep the mind awake nowadays. So much decay, so much death, so much wailing! There is only one sign around, minus. How many of our relatives are leaving with a warm fist. Those who are our friends in times of joy, shelter in times of pain, reliance on times of danger, are leaving one by one. Gone is a man as tall as a cloud like Soumitra Kaku, how many more poets, writers, artists are gone. The same dark picture in Dhaka, Kolkata. People all over India are helpless in the terrible clutches of Corona.

The social media of upset news feeds is like a desert of death. Before taking the newspaper in hand, my heart pounded, today I know who it is again!

I think of my friends and colleagues in Calcutta. Not seen for a long time. They are going through a time of impossible hardship. I hear bad news one by one, and my mind goes out little by little.
Those with whom I have been working for so long in Calcutta, the director-artist-craftsman-collaborator, hear the news of their suffering, illness and farewell. My light goes down.

I just wish you well. Let the light come back in everyone’s life. In this darkness of despair, the mind should not lose its way. Your liberation and my liberation in the light of light, in this darkness. Friends, make up your mind. The time is coming. Again we will run together, hand in hand, towards the last line of the desert. That line is yet to be crossed.

Popular Lux star Faria Shahrin recently came into the limelight in the third season of the drama ‘Bachelor Point’ by playing the role of ‘Antara’. The actress is quite vocal on social media even in the midst of her small screen work. He often appears on Facebook with daily updates. This time Faria has opened her mouth about the drama syndicate.

In a Facebook status given on Thursday night, he wrote, “I have decided to work with such heroes, not new faces.” I will promote them. If all four of them knew me, maybe one of them would recognize me through. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. I think a lot of small heroines, big heroes don’t work with us – they do with big heroines. I don’t know if it’s a syndicate or not – so as an insignificant heroine I will work with new boys. Decision final.

BD-Daily / Shafiq

This Death Valley is my country. Here every day the human lungs are throbbing alone, begging for a little bit of oxygen. The air is now toxic, millions of viruses are chirping in the air. Our broken lungs are groaning for a little pure oxygen. Who will give us oxygen!

Invisible people have taken over our world. All around is the fire of the cheetah, all around is the silence of the grave. This Death Valley is my homeland. We will put out the fire by shedding tears, make it habitable again, make this soil fertile again, make it a glittering festival of life again!

(Collected from Facebook)
BD-Daily / Shafiq