May 16, 2021


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The stench of the paddy field gave way to the search for the missing youth

Police have recovered the body of a young man named Mashiur Rahman Sona Mia (30) who went missing in Bogra two days ago. The body was recovered from a paddy field in Barpur Dakshinpara area of ​​Bogra Sadar around 10:30 am on Saturday (May 1). The deceased was identified as Sona Mia, son of late Nannu Mia of Barpur Dakshinpara village. He was a document writer by profession.

It is learned that Sona Mia left her mobile phone at home on Thursday (April 29) evening saying that she was going to Tarabi prayers at the local mosque. He did not return home that night. Sona Mia’s wife Sonia Akhter lodged a GD with Bogra Sadar Police Station on Friday (April 30) afternoon.

Locals found Sona Mia’s body when a stench spread from the paddy field adjacent to the Eidgah field behind her house on Saturday morning. When the police was informed, the police recovered the body and sent it to the morgue for autopsy.

Bogra Sadar Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Abul Kalam Azad said it was not yet known what caused his death. It will be known after autopsy. However, the idea is that it is a murder. Work is underway to identify those involved in the killings.

In 2020, the sea level off the coast of China was measured at 3.9 millimeters. Which is higher than the global average. This information was given by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

However, the report of the Ministry of Natural Resources did not give a specific picture of the global average. However, scientists estimate that the average global sea level rise is about 3.8 millimeters a year.

The ministry’s report further said that the coastal sea level of the country was 63 mm higher in 2020 than the average of 1993-2011.

The report added that the sea level could rise from 55 millimeters to 180 millimeters in the next 30 years.