May 16, 2021


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6 people involved in Hefazat riots in Brahmanbaria arrested

Eight more Hefazat activists, including a leader of the Islamic Movement, have been arrested for allegedly being involved in the Hefazat violence in Brahmanbaria.This information has been given in a press release sent from the special branch of Brahmanbaria district police.Brahmanbaria Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Rais Uddin said they were arrested in a special operation on Friday night. They were sent to the district jail through the Brahmanbaria court on Saturday.

According to the police, students of different madrasas of Brahmanbaria at the call of Hefazat-e-Islam were involved in the procession on March 28 at Radhika Bazar in the district headquarters and setting fire to tree trunks and tires. Maulana Niazul Karim has been arrested. Besides, 5 more people were arrested.

The press release also said that the police were identifying the accused by checking and sorting the still images and CCTV camera footage taken at the time of the incident.

According to police sources, a total of 49 cases have been filed in Brahmanbaria Sadar Police Station, 4 in Ashuganj Police Station and 2 in Sarail Police Station. The case was filed in the name of 30/35 thousand anonymous people including the accused. So far 398 people have been arrested in these cases.

BD-Daily / Salah Uddin

Australian citizens can also face up to five years in prison and fines if they return to their home country from India. Because, Australia has declared it illegal to come to the country from India.

According to the Australian Ministry of Health, the decision was made considering the quarantine rate of people who have been exposed to coronavirus in India. Earlier this week, Australia suspended all flights with India.

It is estimated that there are about 9,000 Australians in India, of whom at least 600 are in critical condition.
For those who want to return to the country in the face of the threat of coronavirus, the government’s decision is unreasonable, said the doctor and health analyst. Viom Sharma.

“Our families are literally dying in India … there is no way to get them out, and now they have been abandoned,” he said.

According to the Australian decision, those who have spent the last 14 days in India have been barred from entering Australia. Those who disobey the order could face up to five years in prison, as well as a 38,000 fine. The decision will be reviewed again on May 15, the health ministry said.

Source: BBC

BD Daily / Junaid AhmedIt was not possible for the workers to provide food assistance to the family. Hotel and restaurant workers are also in danger due to the epidemic. The labor leaders complained that the hotel owners fired the workers without paying the arrears. In addition, domestic workers working in the home have also been laid off from the beginning of the corona infection. Not getting back to work, some of them have started begging. According to a CPD report, the epidemic has had a major negative impact on low-income women. Besides, the transport workers are in danger as the public transport is closed in the lockdown. Because, if the wheel does not turn, the income of these workers also stops. Leaders of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers’ Federation complained that the workers risked their lives to get on the road without getting relief. Because, if the car does not run, the family of these workers will not run. According to the leaders, 5 million transport workers take part in passenger transport every day. And this huge number of workers are now unemployed due to the closure of public transport. Expatriate workers and remittance fighters are also in danger due to the corona. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have lost their jobs and lost their jobs as economic activity has stalled as countries, including the Middle East, have been hit hard by the Corona crackdown. Many have been deported due to lack of valid paperwork and expiration. Many workers have already returned to the country after losing their jobs.