May 16, 2021


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Bangladeshis returning to India in 14 days quarantine

Residential hotels and madrasas in Benapole are under pressure from Bangladeshi passengers stranded in India. To cope with the pressure, the passengers returning to the country from yesterday are being taken to Khulna after the district headquarters Narail, 65 km away. Bangladeshis stranded in India are returning to the country like a stream every day. Most of the stranded passengers were staying in India for treatment.About 60 Bangladeshis returned to the country by 1pm on Saturday. They are being taken to Khulna under special arrangements.

Till yesterday, 946 people returned from India.During the first three days, more than 600 passengers were accommodated in various residential hotels in Benapole. The number of hotels in Benapole including tourist motels is 12. Passengers returning to the country on April 29 were kept at Gazi’s Dargah Madrasa in Jhikargachha due to lack of space. Passengers on the 30th have been sent to various hotels in Narail.
As per the government guidelines, these returning passengers are being kept in the official quarantine for 14 days.

Sharsha Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mir Alif Reza is setting up a monitoring cell at the international terminal of the checkpost.

Meanwhile, Alhaj Wazed Ali, owner of a hotel in Benapole, said that from today, about 50 fasting passengers staying at his hotel have been provided free evening iftar and sehri at night by his family. Food will be provided to all fasting passengers till the day before Eid.

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