May 16, 2021


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Contractor district, road works stopped, unlimited suffering Dhamrai Basir

The contractor for widening the 16 km road from Suapur to Fordnagar in Dhamrai of Dhaka is currently in jail. Of this, five kilometers widening has been completed from Suapur to Khararchar Bazar. The rest is 11 km road from Khararchar Bazar to Fordnagar. This road was dug about a year ago. Imtiaz Hasan Rubel of Faridpur is the contractor for this work. He is in jail on charges of various irregularities. His work order has been canceled. Since then, the residents of Khanakhand and Bhanga roads have been in dire straits due to non-invitation of new tenders.

According to the Upazila Engineer’s Office, under the rural infrastructure development project, about two years ago, a tender was awarded to Faridpur-based contractor Rafia Construction for the construction of a 16-kilometer road from Suapur Bazar in Dhamrai to Fordnagar Bridge in Kulla Union. Rubles. According to the terms of the contract, the work was supposed to be completed by September 25 last year, but after completing only 30 percent of the work, the contractor Imtiaz Hassan Rubel was arrested for various reasons. After that the organization was repeatedly urged to complete the work. Unable to respond, the Dhaka Executive Engineer canceled the work order on October 9 last year. Since then, the department has not called for any new tenders.

Going to the spot, it can be seen that the whole road from Khararchar Bazaar to Fordnagar has been uprooted. Thousands of small and big holes have been created due to the movement of vehicles on it. When it rains, the water accumulated in these holes becomes the cause of accidents. Rickshaws and easybikes are overturning on this broken road almost every day.

Locals complained that the road was in a state of disrepair for almost a year due to the negligence of the authorities. Numerous holes have been made all over the road. As the pitch rises, it turns into a dirt road. When it rains, the knee water freezes.

Abul Kalam Samsuddin Mintu, chairman of the Royal Union Parishad, said the Royal Union is famous for vegetable cultivation. The vegetables here go to different wholesale stalls in the capital. But due to broken roads, pickups and small trucks are charging much more. Farmers are not able to benefit from this. He demanded widening through re-tender on an urgent basis.

Kullapada Sarkar, chairman of Kulla Union Parishad, said the road from Suyapur to Fordnagar was narrow and had become unusable for a long time due to its dilapidated condition. This is important as it is an alternative road to the capital via Savar.

In this regard, Upazila Engineer Azizul Haque said, the work order was canceled as the time to complete the work had passed as per the terms of the contract. A new tender will be called for the rest of the work.