May 17, 2021


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Another died at Corona in Laksham

Another died at Corona in the last 24 hours in Comilla’s Laksham. Besides, 9 people have been newly infected. So far, 23 people have died in Corona in the upazila and the number of victims has risen to 69. The deceased was identified as Nurur Rahman, 7, of Paschimgaon area of ​​Laksam municipality.

Laksam Upazila Health Complex Medical Officer. Md. Alamgir Hossain said samples of 40 corona samples were tested on Saturday (May 1). In the report received, 10 people were corona positive and 30 others were negative. Of the new victims, 9 were new and one came positive in the second sample. He said 526 of the victims have recovered so far.

Medical officer said. Md. Alamgir Hossain also said that all the samples of 3,208 people collected so far in Laksam Upazila have been reported. According to the report, 69 people have been affected by corona and 2,539 people have reported negative. 116 affected people are being treated in home isolation.

Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer. Nazia bint Alam said the number of corona-infected patients and deaths in Laksham is on the rise, which is worrying. There is no substitute for following hygiene rules to protect yourself from infection.

He said that if someone has corona symptoms, it is necessary to give samples with the advice of a doctor as well as ensure home quarantine. He urged everyone to follow the hygiene rules.

The Kenyan government is going to ban love and marriage among police colleagues. It is learned that the country is going to take such a decision to reduce the crime rate of police officers.

Kenya’s interior minister made the remarks on television during a program at the Police College. The British media reported this information in a report of BBC.

Kenya’s interior minister, Fred Matiangi, said his country needed the approval of the National Security Council to enforce love-marriage rules among police officers.

He also said that such love-marriages have been banned among the officers of different ranks working in the army.

The Gender Relations Office will look into allegations of sexual harassment of female police officers in that country. In this regard, the Home Minister of the country said, if this rule is introduced, love-marriage will be declared illegal in the police. If anyone breaks the law, he will have to quit his job.