May 8, 2021


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6 robbers arrested in Cox’s Bazar

Sadar police have arrested six members of a gang of robbers from Samudra Tir Kabita Chattar area of ​​Cox’s Bazar. Saturday (May 1) at dawn, Sadar police SI said. They have been arrested with sharp domestic and foreign weapons led by Dastagir Hossain. A CNG taxi was also seized. The information was given by the OC of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station on Saturday evening.

The arrested are Monirul Alam (22), son of Fakir Ahmed of Maheshkhali Upazila, Md. Nurul Alam, son of New Jail Gate area of ​​Cox’s Bazar. Tohel, Rupon Dhar alias Bhola (25), son of Aviram Dhar of Eidgah Bazar area, Md. Nurul Kabir, son of Maheshkhali Musher Dale area. Russell (21), Teknaf Hnilar Abdul Quader’s son Elias (20) and Sadar Jhilangja area Nurul Alam’s son Md. Sohail (20).

SI said. Dastagir Hossain said the operation was carried out on the basis of secret information in the Kabita Chattar area of ​​the city on Saturday morning under the direction of the OC. During the operation, the robbers got out of a car and tried to run away. During this time 6 people have been arrested. Initial interrogation revealed that they were members of a gang of robbers. During this time several domestic and foreign sharp weapons were recovered from them.

Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station OC Sheikh Munir-ul-Gias said the police were in a tough position against drug, snatching and robbery gangs. The operation to arrest drug dealers, armed men and snatchers continues every day. Following this, 6 members of the gang of robbers with domestic and foreign weapons have been arrested.

A resident doctor of Corona ward of a private hospital in Delhi, India has committed suicide. He is thought to have committed suicide due to stress in the second wave of epidemic Corona.

In a tweet, the former head of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said. Ravi Wankhedkar said, Dr. That doctor named Vivek Rai was very talented. His home is in Gorkhapur, Uttar Pradesh. He has helped save hundreds of lives during the epidemic.

Indian media outlet NDTV reported on Saturday (May 1st) that he had spent a month serving patients at a private hospital. He saw seven to eight critically ill patients every day.

Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar said that the doctor was suffering from mental depression after seeing the deaths of people. Then, out of frustration, he made a difficult decision like suicide.

He said Vivek Rai’s wife was two months pregnant. The former head of the IMA blamed mismanagement, malpractice and poor administration for failing to ensure primary health care for the young doctor’s death.