May 17, 2021


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The hanging bodies of two workers were recovered in Wazirpur on Labor Day

Police have recovered the hanging bodies of two workers at Wazirpur in Barisal. Their bodies were recovered on Saturday (May 1), International Workers’ Day. Initially it was thought that they had committed suicide. It is learned that Jabbar Sheikh, 56, son of late Mansur Sheikh of Pichidema village of Sadar police station of Bagerhat district, came to cut paddy at the house of farmer Nagen in Karfa village of Jalla union of the upazila. At 6 am on Saturday, a woman named Bakul Rani of the house saw Jabbar Sheikh hanging from a mango tree with a towel wrapped around her neck. At that time, the locals came forward and informed the police. Later, Wazirpur Model Police recovered the body from the spot. An unnatural death case was filed at the police station in this regard.

Police sub-inspector Kamal said Jabbar Sheikh came to Jalla in Wazirpur with a team of 32 people from Bagerhat on the 23rd of last month to harvest paddy. From here, Jabbar Sheikh with a team of 7 people started harvesting paddy in the area. Other workers with him said that on the night of April 30, Jabbar Sheikh spoke loudly to someone in the house on his mobile phone. The next day, on Saturday (May 1) morning, his body was found hanging from a mango tree.

Meanwhile, on the same day at noon in the village of Bamrail Union Mugakathi A. The hanging body of auto driver Sabuj Hawladar (28), son of Khaleq Hawladar, was recovered. The family claimed that he committed suicide by tying a rope around his neck to the wall of the house out of pride with his parents. At that time his wife was staying at her father’s house. An unnatural death case has been filed in this regard.

Wazirpur Model Police OC said. Ziaul Ahsan said the bodies of two workers were recovered on the same day. Two separate UD cases have been filed at the police station in connection with the suicide. He also said that their bodies were handed over to their families as there was no complaint.

Jahangirnagar University administration has said that the issue of increasing the price of the admission process form for the first year of graduation (honors) of the academic year 2020-21 and the selection process in two steps is not final yet.

The final decision will be taken at the next meeting of the Central Admission Test Steering Committee on May 16 after ‘reconsidering’ the Corona situation, a press release said. The application was supposed to start from June 1.

Registrar Rahima Kaniz said, “Taking the application in two steps, setting the date of admission process and increasing the fee was not a final decision. The issues were discussed only in the last meeting.

However, several members of the Admission Test Committee had earlier said, “According to the fifth meeting of the Admission Test Committee last Thursday, the preliminary application process will start from June 1 and the applications will be selected on the basis of GPA in two stages.” In addition, the unit form of five faculties (A, B, C, D and E) is priced at Rs 1,100 and the rest of the faculties and institutes at Rs 600.

When the news was published in different media, the teachers and students of the university, various student organizations and the admitted students protested and criticized. Later, the university administration called an emergency meeting on Saturday afternoon. It said the previous decision would be postponed and a new decision would be taken after ‘reconsidering’ the situation.

According to committee sources, it has been recommended to deviate from the decision taken on the basis of GPA. The university administration is thinking of admission test like last year. Where applicants with minimum qualifications can participate.

A new notification will be issued soon. Where it is also recommended not to charge extra application fee. It is learned that there will be no opportunity to participate in the admission test for the second time in the university from the next academic year.

Earlier, leaders and activists of various student organizations of the university protested against the administration’s ‘inhuman’ and ‘profiteering’ mentality in raising the price of admission forms and the selection process. The price of the form in different faculties was increased from Rs.400 and Rs.600 to Rs.755 and Rs.1155 respectively.