May 17, 2021


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PDBF field officer lost his life in the truck collision

Shahadat Hossain, 35, a field officer of Palli Poverty Alleviation Foundation, died on the spot after being hit by a moving truck in Jamalpur. The accident took place at the Tubewellpar junction of Jamalpur-Tangail road on Saturday afternoon. Shahadat Hossain district Madarganj upazila Tartapur West Muslimabad village. Son of Habibur Rahman.

According to eyewitness sources, Shahadat Hossain used to work as a field officer at the Rural Poverty Alleviation Foundation, Chhontia Bazar branch of Digpait Union in Jamalpur Sadar Upazila. He was returning to his home in Shekhervita, Jamalpur on a motorcycle after completing his office work on Saturday afternoon. He was killed on the spot when a truck hit his motorcycle on the Jamalpur-Tangail road at around 2.15 pm. Police have seized the deadly truck. The truck driver and his helper escaped. Upon receiving the news, Sadar police recovered Shahadat’s body and took it to the police station.

There are allegations that even though the office was supposed to be closed due to the ongoing lockdown, all the branch offices, including the district office, were kept open on the instructions of the deputy director of the Rural Poverty Alleviation Foundation. The deceased Shahadat Hossain was returning home in the afternoon after work at the Chhontia Bazar branch office on Saturday.

However, the Deputy Director of the Rural Poverty Alleviation Foundation Jamalpur District Office Sheikh Mohammad. Admitting that Abul Bashar’s office was kept open, he told Kaler Kantha, “I have heard that our field officer Shahadat Hossain has died in a road accident.” It is true that we are continuing to do some work on the Corona Incentive List, with a limited range of offices in Lockdown. But district offices and all branches are closed on Fridays and Saturdays. I can’t say why Shahadat went to his office today.

Jamalpur Sadar police inspector (investigation) said. Delwar Hossain told Kaler Kantha at 11 pm that the body of Shahadat Hossain, who was killed in a road accident, would be autopsied. The body will be sent to the morgue at night. The father of the martyr killed in the incident. Habibur Rahman has filed a case with the police station. The deadly truck has been seized. The truck driver and helper are fugitives. Attempts are being made to detain them.

A day laborer has committed suicide in Mymensingh’s Phulpur upazila after suffering from shortness of breath and pneumonia.

It is known that he was suffering from mental anguish as he could not take care of his family due to lack of money and could not get treatment due to lack of money.

A day laborer named Rafiq Uddin (55) committed suicide by hanging himself from a mango tree near his house on Saturday (May 1) morning. The tragic incident took place at Shilpur village of Phulpur union of the upazila around 11am on Saturday.

According to local sources, Rafiq Uddin, a day laborer from Shilpur village of the upazila, was suffering from shortness of breath for a long time. On the advice of a local doctor, he was again treated by Kabiraj, but nothing changed. Finally, he committed suicide by hanging himself from a mango tree around 11 am on Saturday.

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Phulpur Police Station Imarat Hossain confirmed the incident and said day laborer Rafiq Uddin was often ill. An unnatural death case has been registered in this regard.