May 17, 2021


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Aceland opened the lock of the member in the widow’s house in the shelter

The local member locked the widow, a resident of a house given to her by the Prime Minister, on the occasion of Mujibvarsha for not paying Rs 30,000. When the report was published under the headline ‘I am the one in my ward, I locked the house without permission’, the Assistant Commissioner went to the spot on Saturday morning and unlocked the house with the help of the village council chairman. Later, he allotted a house to the widow through lottery from the allotted 10 houses.

According to local sources, the houses under construction are located about 15 km from Nandail Sadar on the banks of the Brahmaputra River under the Balipara Bridge on the Nandail Trishal Road. After the construction of 10 houses on January 14, the landless and landless people were handed over the land deeds along with other documents. Moshammat Anwara Khatun, wife of the late Abul Kashem, was allotted a semi-detached house with two rooms in 2069 Dag of Khatian No. 1. He entered the house with a daughter and granddaughter and started living there.

He said that after entering the house, Badal Hossain, a member of the Union Parishad of the 6th ward, asked him to leave the house asking why he had entered the house without his permission. In this situation, he pleaded and said that it was wrong not to inform him (the member) but he did not listen to anything.

At one stage the member demanded Rs 30,000 from him. The members are furious as they cannot pay. Later last Thursday, when the widow left the house in search of work, she came back and saw another lock on top of the lock in the house. You can know that member Badal Hossain has locked up.

In this regard, the Badal member admitted to locking the house given to him by the Prime Minister on that day but refused to ask for money, saying that this house was allotted to one of my men. He got up forcibly. So I locked it. Moreover, the owner of the allotted house, Anwara, is a cannabis trader and a bad woman in the area.

Nandail Upazila Executive Officer in this regard. Ershad Uddin said that after learning about the incident, Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mahfuzul Haque was sent to the spot and arrangements were made to enter the house with the lock unlocked.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mahfuzul Haque said the truth of the lock that the member had put up had been found. Later, the keys were brought from the member and opened by the village police. In this situation, Anwara got a new house through lottery. From now on he will stay in that house. Asked if anything would be done for this illegal act of the member, he said he had done wrong. This will be investigated and action will be taken.

Anwara said all houses are equal. I have to stay in one. Members have just treated me badly. Insulted me I want justice for this.

In Mymensingh’s Haluaghat, Jewel Areng, a Member of Parliament from Mymensingh-1 constituency, cut the paddy of a poor farmer who could not harvest it due to labor crisis in the face of the second wave of coronavirus.

On Saturday (May 1) at noon in the presence of party leaders and workers of the poor farmer of Khandak Para village. MP Jewel Areng cut the paddy by operating the mature paddy combine harvester machine on 43 percent of Abdul Karim’s land.

At the time, among others, the organizing secretary of the Upazila Awami League Bazlur Rahman, the convener of the Juba League. Nazim Uddin, joint convener Mirza Morshed and others.

After harvesting the paddy, MP Jewel Areng told reporters that under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, boro paddy is being harvested from the lands of helpless, poor farmers due to labor crisis across the country. In continuation of this, I myself cut the paddy of the farmer by keeping it with the leaders and workers of the party at Haluaghat. This will encourage my team leaders and workers more.