June 15, 2021


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All university exams will be online

The students have suffered huge losses due to the long shutdown due to the corona infection situation. In this situation, it has been decided to take the public university exams online. The decision was taken at a meeting of the UGC with the vice-chancellors of the universities on Thursday.

UGC member Professor Dil Afroza Begum told Prothom Alo that the universities will conduct online exams. However, how to take it, will be decided by discussing in the meeting of the academic council of their respective universities. They have made a guideline in this regard. It will be sent to the Ministry of Education. If the ministry issues it in the form of a circular, it will be sent to the university.

The vice-chancellors of the two universities said in the first light, discussions have taken place. Now the next step will be discussed in the meeting of the Academic Council of the University.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Deans Committee of Dhaka University decided that if the Corona situation does not improve, the final examinations of all the years will be taken online from July 1. Some members of the UGC think that other universities will be enthusiastic about this decision of Dhaka University. Schools, colleges, madrasas, technical education institutes and universities across the country have been on holiday since March 16 last year to control corona infection.

The latest announcement of the government is that the school-college will be opened on May 23 and the university from May 24. But as the second wave of Corona begins, no one can say for sure whether the educational institution will be reopened at the announced time.

In such a situation, a committee was recently convened by UGC member Professor Dil Afroza Begum on the instructions of the Ministry of Education to make recommendations on taking university level examinations online. That committee has also developed an outline or guidelines for taking the test online. It was presented at today’s meeting. This meeting is held virtually (zoom app).

There are currently 49 public universities in the country. Due to the Corona situation, the educational life of millions of students of these universities has been in doubt since March 16 last year. Students are also falling behind in their careers due to session jam. Earlier, the UGC had allowed private universities to take exams online. Although it has been closed for the time being.

Although private universities operate under a single law, public universities operate under separate laws. Education matters of these universities are decided at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University. Earlier, the preliminary decision was taken at some other meetings including the Deans Committee.