June 15, 2021


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Ali Haider’s family did not get compensation

Ali Haider Abu Enam died of coronavirus on June 5 last year while working at the headquarters of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). He was a 10th grade officer of Bangladesh Police. According to the policy of the government, his family should get 37 lakh 50 thousand rupees as compensation. But the family did not get compensation even after 11 months.

The police headquarters, RAB forces headquarters and the public security department of the home ministry are now seeking compensation from the finance department of the finance ministry. The Public Security Department sent the last letter to Finance Secretary Abdur Rauf Talukder on March 24 to take necessary steps to pay the compensation. Although a month has passed, the finance secretary has not yet made any decision in this regard.

Meanwhile, Ali Haider Abu Enam’s wife Jelisa Rahman is hoping for money with her two fatherless children. Ali Haider Abu Enam and Jelisa Rahman have two children Shah Nusrat Tazreen (23) and Shah Tazwar Ahmed Abrar (21). Both are students. These two are also the applicants for compensation money.

Current and permanent address of the late Ali Haider Abu Enam in Pallabi under Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC). The inheritance certificate issued by Taizul Islam Chowdhury Bappi, councilor of ward 7 of the DNCC, said, “He has left a son and a daughter. Apart from these two, the deceased has no other heirs. ‘

According to the law, Ali Haider Abu Enam’s wife Jelisa Rahman is also supposed to be a sharer in the compensation. But Ali Haider Abu Enam, as the nominee for the pension money, wrote the names of his two children for some reason, not mentioning his wife’s name. With this in mind, the police and the RAB office have decided that the two children will also share in the compensation money.

Prothom Alo spoke to Jelisa Rahman on her mobile phone on Saturday. He was saying, ‘My two children are in a lot of trouble now. I will not get compensation as their father did not nominate me for pension money. My two children are Pak. We are very sorry to be late for this money. ‘

Similarly, while working for RAB-11 for compensation money, Md. Who died of coronavirus while working. Moslem Uddin Mridha’s family. Moslem Uddin was a 17th grade battalion Ansar. He died on July 10 last year. According to the policy, his family is supposed to get 25 lakh rupees. Moslem Uddin is survived by his wife Shahnaz Akhter, four daughters Tahmina Akhter, Nupur Begum, Sonia Akhter, Fatema Tabassum and a son Tariqul Islam.
Besides, the finance department is having difficulty in paying the money as one or two wives of the Bangladesh police who died due to coronavirus have left.

According to the Finance Department, 132 of the coronavirus fighters have so far received compensation. Most of them are police, number 7. Besides, there are 13 doctors, 17 nurses, 15 officers and 6 other officers. The total cost has been 61 crore 70 lakh rupees. This number and amount of money till last 28th April. In the last few days, notifications of compensation have been issued to several more families, sources in the finance department said. Sources said that the department is not leaving anything on purpose. Many are also making incomplete applications.

On April 23 last year, the Finance Department issued a circular to compensate doctors, nurses, health workers, field administrators, law enforcement, armed forces and other directly employed Republican employees working directly in the service of patients infected with COVID-19. 500 crore in the revised budget of that financial year and 500 crore in the budget of the current financial year.

According to the circular, government employees involved in the treatment of patients with corona will be compensated according to their grade for those who will be infected or die themselves. The amount is from 5 lakh to 50 lakh rupees. In other words, if someone from 15th to 20th grade is infected, 5 lakh rupees and if he dies, 25 lakh rupees, if someone from 10th to 14th grade is infected, 6 lakh 50 thousand rupees and if he dies, 36 lakh 50 thousand rupees and if someone from 1st to 9th grade is infected, 10 lakh rupees and If he dies, he will get 50 lakh rupees.

It is further said that the controlling authority of the applicant will send the proposal to the finance department through the concerned administrative ministry or department after checking and sorting the application form. Later, the finance department will issue a government order to pay compensation.

This compensation will be given in addition to the financial assistance or grant applicable in case of death during the course of any other notification or order in force.

So far, however, the families of the deceased have been paid compensation. Although the policy states that the victims are not being compensated since the fake corona positives were caught in the Regent and JKG scandals. Again the notification was not amended.