June 15, 2021


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Who do you think will win the tournament worth Tk 21 crore

Chelsea will face Leicester City in the FA Cup final at 10:15 pm Bangladesh time tonight.

Out of the three domestic tournaments in England, this time both the league and the league cup have gone to Manchester City. Chelsea, who beat Man City in the semi-finals of the FA Cup, will take home the trophy at home today?

Their opponent Leicester City’s FA Cup final record is not good. He played four times between 1949 and 1969 — lost three times in the sixties — four finals. Will Lester, who wrote a fairy tale in the Premier League in 2016 in the light of Jamie Verdi, win this trophy for the first time today?

Or will Chelsea take third place alone, behind Tottenham (6 times) on the record for most trophy wins in the tournament? If Thomas Tuchel’s team wins, it will be the ninth FA Cup win in Chelsea’s history, with only Arsenal (14) and Manchester United (12) winning the trophy more than once.
Meanwhile, Chelsea have reached the final of the Champions League, where their opponent is Man City. Earlier this title win would act as a tonic for Chelsea. And if Leicester wins, history will write. free robux
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Before the fight, the money for the two teams is the inspiration! This time, however, the income has decreased after winning the trophy. Although it has increased a lot in the last two years, this time the prize money of the FA Cup has come down due to coronavirus. Like in 2016-17, this time the champion team will have about 33 lakh dollars in its pocket. 21 crore 20 lakh in Bangladeshi currency. The losing team will get 11 crore rupees.

Who will win in the final in the end? Chelsea or Leicester? Readers, you can share your thoughts with Paul.Rezaul Karim’s father Nur Islam Sardar died in a tiger’s paw eight years ago while collecting honey. From then on, daughter Rikta Khatun did not want Rezaul to go to honey collection. Crying, Rikta Khatun was saying, ‘How many times have I told Baba not to go to Badai (forest). Dad wouldn’t listen. He used to say, “Life is tied to us.” What will happen to us now? ‘

Riktar’s grandfather’s house is in Chawkbara village of Gabura union, known as Sundarbans-adjacent island area of ​​Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira. Father Rezaul bought land and built a house in Burigoalini village. Rezaul was killed in a tiger attack on Friday evening while collecting honey in the Gora Khal area of ​​Burigoalini station in the western Sundarbans upazila. Eight years ago, Rezaul’s father Nur Islam Sardar was killed in a tiger attack in the same area of ​​the Sundarbans while collecting honey.

Sultan Ahmed, an official at the Burigoalini station in the Satkhira range of the Sundarbans, said Rezaul’s body was taken to Chawkbara village after returning to the locality around 12 noon on Saturday. Burigoalini UP Chairman Bhabatosh Mandal said his janaza was held at Chawkbara village at 3 pm. His burial was completed at around 4 pm after Janaza.

The whole family is in mourning over the tragic death of the son after the father. Rezaul’s daughter Ahazari said, “Grandpa was eaten by a tiger. This time he ate his father. My fortune is bad. After eating Dada with a tiger, my father was trying to stand up straight without eating. Explaining the incident, Praveen Yar Ali said that 9 people including Rezaul went to the Sundarbans on May 7 with a pass (permission) from the Burigoalini station in the Sundarbans to collect honey. They reached Gorarkhal area on Thursday evening to collect honey and spent the night there. Decide not to go to the forest on Friday to cut honey on the day of Eid. In the morning, after the Eid prayers on the boat, everyone cooked paise and ate it. After lunch, everyone was resting. Before evening, their companions Ziad Ali and Rezaul got down from the boat and went to the forest to respond to the call of nature. After that Ziad Ali came back in the boat but suddenly the Bengal Tiger of Sundarbans attacked Rezaul. At the moment he was taken away. They also immediately attacked the tiger with sticks and baitha. At one point, the tiger left him. But by then he was dead.

Rezaul’s wife Murshida Khatun said her father-in-law was eaten by a tiger. Again at the age of eight her husband played tiger. That is their destiny. Now she is worried about how she will spend the rest of her life with her three daughters and one son. He sought the cooperation of the government.

Shyamnagar Upazila Parishad Chairman Ataul Haque said the family of Rezaul, who was killed by a tiger, would be given a grant of Tk 10,000 by the Upazila Parishad. Apart from this, the government will also get the prescribed assistance.