June 15, 2021


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PBI could not find Babul-Mitu’s children

Police are searching for the two children of her husband, former Superintendent of Police Babul Akhtar, the main accused in the shocking murder of Mitu five years ago in Chittagong.

Their son is a direct witness of Mitu’s murder. On the day of the incident, the killers hacked her mother to death in front of her at the corner of GEC in Chittagong. He was 6 at the time. He also tries hard to save his mother. But then he failed to hold Kamrul Islam Sikder alias Musa, the source of Babul, involved in the ‘murder’.

The incident came up in the confessional statements of two accused Wasim and Anwar.

The Bureau of Investigation (PBI), the investigating agency in the case, has started searching for Mitu-Babul’s two children. But they have not been found yet.

Because Babul gave wrong address to PBI during the preliminary interrogation. In the case filed by Mosharraf Hossain, the father of the deceased Mitu, with the Panchlaish police station in Chittagong, the Dhaka address of Babul Akhtar was also written incorrectly.

In this regard, Mitu’s father Mosharraf Hossain said that he had written the address in the case on the basis of the address given by Babul Akhtar to the PBI.

On Friday, PBI Deputy Inspector General Banaj Kumar Majumder confirmed the information to the media, saying that Babul had done this to keep the children out of trouble. They should not fall into the hands of the police.

According to the statement, Babul Akhtar’s home address is Level-6, Road No. 11, House No. 22, Block C, Babar Road. But the police did not find the house with this holding number on Babar Road in Mohammadpur.

Later, during the police interrogation, they went there with the correct address from Babul’s mouth, but the police did not find his children. The security guard of the apartment. Ripon said that on the day of Babul’s arrest, his new wife had gone to an unknown place with her two children from the previous house.

In this situation, their grandfather Mosharraf Hossain has expressed concern about the safety of the two children.

In such a situation, Mitu’s father Mosharraf Hossain said that he wants to keep Mitu and Babul’s two children with him.

He said he would apply to the court on Sunday for custody of his grandchildren.

“They were at our house after my mother died,” Musharraf told the media on Saturday night. Later Babylon takes them away. Now my father has also been arrested by the police. There is no one to look after them. We will take care of them. ‘

Asked where Mitu’s two children are now, PBI chief Banaj Kumar Majumder said, “Babul gave the wrong address during the initial interrogation. Later he gave the real address in the face of the interrogator again. We sent people to that house. But there is no one there. Looking for them. I will know their location in a day or two. ‘

On the morning of June 5, 2016, the terrorists hacked to death Mahmuda Khanam Mitu, the wife of Babul Akter, at the GEC intersection in Chittagong. Mitul’s husband Babul Akhter, who is staying in Dhaka, filed a case with the Panchlaish police station in Chittagong. He alleged that his wife may have been killed for his anti-militant activities in the case.

However, there were rumors of his involvement in the police investigation. Mitu’s father Mosharraf Hossain alleged in his case that Babul killed Mitu because he was obstructed by strangers.

Babul is in remand after five years as the main accused in his wife’s murder case.