June 15, 2021


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Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Ramos’s vacant position!

They sit on the bench in front of everyone in the class all the time. At the end of the fee-year annual examination, it is seen that one of them has got roll number one, the other has got two or three. But in the time of coronation, when everything was relaxing, they also understood and wanted to cheat! At the end of the annual examination, it is seen that one of them is on the way to become the first in the class in the second-third bench. Some people are sweating as soon as they pass the annual examination after getting fifty-sixty!

The story is about this season of the ‘front bench students’ of European football. The annual test here is the Champions League, the stage of excellence in the national leagues or clubs in Europe. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or PSG, Juventus … at the end of each season, they are accustomed to seeing the joy of the title in European football. Ever had a little bad time for one or two, but almost all the students in the front row will have a bad time together? Corona also showed that. This year’s European football season is seeing the title triumph of the second- and third-tier clubs instead of the first-tier clubs. There are not a few students in the class who are proud to be ‘first in their section’ like the sensible boy wearing glasses, straightening his hair and listening to his parents. , It’s not. Strain through a sieve. Bayern Munich and Manchester City will be dropped. The name of Ajax will also come if the scope of the top league in Europe is spread a little further from England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France. These three clubs are the best in their league this time.

Bayern won the German league for the ninth time in a row, calling it the “ancestral property”. The same is true of Ajax, which has been looted by five demons for the past decade. But now the club has regained possession. If the league had not been canceled due to Corona last season, they might have won, but even if they had dropped it, the Dutch league Erdivisi would have won 24 titles in the history of the Ajax league, with PSV Eindhafen winning 24 titles. In England, however, English football fans have been demanding a “rule of thumb” policy when it comes to titles. But the competition in England is not an advantage! Manchester City has won the league three times in the last four seasons!

Even if you catch the Belgian league, you will see a familiar picture. In that league, Anderlecht and Club Bruges are Belgium, Real Madrid and Barcelona. In between, Genk once won the title for Atletico Madrid in the 2018-19 season, with no other clubs winning the title in the last decade. This time too, it seems that last season’s champion Bruges is going to win the league again.

But winning the titles of these three or four clubs seems to be the exception this time. If not, what about Spain, what about France, what about Portugal, what about Italy, what about Scotland … this time the thrill spread in the football of Europe. Real Madrid still have a chance to win the Spanish league, even Barcelona (although Barঁa fans are no longer hoping to win), but PSG can win the French league … but the formality of the paper-pen is more important than the reality. Look! Atletico have been a force to be reckoned with over the past decade, and they have won the title once in a decade. The rest of the time Bar বারa have won more, Real Madrid have won three times in the gap. But this time? Atletico are again within walking distance of the title. Barাa, which has been in turmoil for several seasons off-field, may have to turn their backs on the possibility of winning the title until last week. And Real Madrid? The players seem to have spent more time in the hospital than on the field.

Real’s second point in the league at the moment is 6 out of 36 matches. Atletico 60 at the top. With two more matches left in the league, Bar্সa are still in the race for something more complex on paper, with Messi at number three with six points from 36 matches. But all accounts seem to go to Atletico. After seven years, there will be red-white rejoicing in Madrid again, not white.

Here, however, Real and Barca shared two teams, what happened in France and Italy? Fall down! The PSG still have a good chance of winning the league, but with the last two matches remaining, the sighs of Neymar-Mbappe fans are getting heavier as the league moves towards the last minute. Second in the PSG league with 6 points, Lille at the top with 69 points. With the exception of the 2017-18 season, which showed Monaco’s splendor in the middle of the match, the title of PSG, which has won the league seven times in the last eight seasons, was lost this time! Why only the league, PSG will end the season without any major title for the first time in a decade if they do not win the French Cup final on May 19!

That stage in Italy is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus. Their seemingly ‘permanent settlement’ in the league came to an end after 9 seasons. AC Milan won the league in 2011, but after so many years of Juve domination, it was taken to Inter Milan this time. Antonio Conte’s hand started the Juventus domination in the league, Conte came to the dugout of Inter and broke the fortress of Juventus! What a disappointment for Cristiano Ronaldo! Juventus left Real Madrid with the dream of winning the Champions League. Not only did he win the Champions League, he also evicted Juve, who had made the league his personal property before he left. What’s more, Juve’s next season’s Champions League game from the top four in the league is still surrounded by uncertainty. Juventus also has a test of luck on May 19, if they do not win the Italian Cup final against Atalanta that day, Juventus will also spend the season for the first time in 10 years without a title! The push was given by Ronaldo’s hometown Sporting Lisbon. Ronaldo made his debut for the club in the 2002–03 season, moving to Manchester United the following season. The season before Ronaldo’s debut, Lisbon, which won the last league in the 2001-02 season, has seen only Benfica and Porto play in the ‘Pass the League’ for so many years. Benfica won, or Porta. Lisbon has broken the trend! Already confirmed to win their league!

Steven Gerrard’s Rangers gave that push in Scotland! Celtic, the Rangers’ arch-rivals, have won the league there every time since 2011. Rangers have been relegated from the lower echelons due to administrative reasons, which has also played a role in Celtic’s dominance. Whatever it is, Gerard, who promised to end this power by becoming the coach of Rangers, has now succeeded in fulfilling his promise! The legendary Liverpool captain started his coaching career with the Rangers. The Rangers, who have been slowly improving in the last three years of their tenure, have won the league again after 2011, beating everyone by a landslide! The two finished the league 25 points ahead of Celtic. And today they defeated Aberdeen 4-0 to ensure that the Rangers are finishing the season unbeaten! Now look at England again. Gerard’s former club Liverpool looked back. Jর্গrgen Klopp’s side overcame a three-decade-old league title drought last season. In the previous two seasons, Manchester City has been chasing the league till the last day. But this time? The injury is so devastating that next season’s Champions League game from the top four in Liverpool’s league is not even certain.

Manchester City look to the Champions League and sing ‘I got your mind after a lot of hard work’ to reach the Champions League final for the first time in their history Dreaming of a league title … Do these seem normal?
Of course, this season is so unusual in Corona, all this was supposed to happen!