June 15, 2021


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Obaidul Quader praised the leadership of Sheikh Hasina

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function of a documentary titled ‘Sheikh Hasina’s Four Decades: Irresistible Progress of Changed Bangladesh’ organized by the party’s Information and Research Sub-Committee on the occasion of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Homecoming Day this morning.

Obaidul Quader joined the function via video conference from his official residence.

Mentioning that Sheikh Hasina has gone from a militant leader to a popular political and development leader, Obaidul Quader said, “It is because of Sheikh Hasina that the nation has come to know the true history of the Liberation War today.” He said that the trial of Bangabandhu’s murderers and war criminals has been carried out because of Sheikh Hasina’s arrival, so Bangladesh has been free from sin and stigma. He understands the debt and hopes that other issues will be resolved.

Obaidul Quader said that the construction of the dream Padma Bridge with his own funds is nearing completion as Sheikh Hasina has returned. Besides, other mega projects, especially Metrorail, Bangabandhu Tunnel are being constructed along the bottom of the first river in South Asia.

Recalling the space conquest, Obaidul Quader said, “Bangladesh has entered its own satellite era today, led by Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina.”

Obaidul Quader also said that Bangladesh today is moving ahead of Pakistan in all socio-economic indicators except nuclear bomb under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.

Commenting on the name of Sheikh Hasina as the most successful, brave and humane statesman in post-75 Bangladesh, the General Secretary of Awami League said, “Sheikh Hasina is the name of the most successful diplomat.” He said that Sheikh Hasina’s path was never paved with flowers, yet she has moved forward for the liberation of the people, to bring back the blocked democracy.

Since Sheikh Hasina came, she has united the quarrelsome Awami League and today Sheikh Hasina has crossed four decades as the President of Awami League and she has crossed the Awami League today, said Obaidul Quader.

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader said, “Sheikh Hasina has been in power for the third time in a row for the third time in a row under the able leadership of the people.

He also said that Sheikh Hasina has been able to keep the country at a stable level in this epidemic of corona keeping in mind the life and livelihood of the people.

Obaidul Quader further said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has turned the country of food shortage into a country of food surplus.

Israel has been embroiled in the bloodiest conflict with Palestine in years. As a result of the conflict, a dramatic scene is unfolding in the skies of the Middle East. Hundreds of rockets have been fired from Palestine at Israel in retaliation for several days. However, Israel claims to have stopped most of these rockets. Israel has an air defense system called the Iron Dome to prevent rocket attacks.

The Israeli military claims it has thwarted 90 percent of rocket attacks through the Iron Dome. What is the Iron Dome, and how it acts as Israel’s defense system, the BBC Online. Iron Dome is a state-of-the-art defense system in the world. This system works especially well against short range threats.

Israel’s Raphael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel’s Aerospace Industries have built the Iron Dome. Israel has also received some assistance from the United States in building the Iron Dome.

The context of the construction of the Iron Dome is Israel’s 2006 war with the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah. During that war, Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets at Israel. Hezbollah rocket attacks have caused extensive damage to Israeli lives and property.

After that war with Hezbollah, Israel announced that they were going to build a new missile defense system. In 2011, Israel deployed the first Iron Dome.

There are three main aspects of the Iron Dome system. Radar system, control system, missile firing system. These three systems combine to form a strong defense system.

Radar system detects and tracks the rocket coming towards Israel. The control system then determines the potential ‘hit point’ of the incoming rocket. After determining the ‘hit point’, the control system directs the missile firing system. Missiles are fired from the missile firing system into the sky. The missile exploded near the rocket that flew into the sky. The rocket was destroyed in the sky. As a result, the rocket fired towards Israel was destroyed in the sky before it caused any damage.

The Iron Dome system is capable of working all day or night. In addition, this system is effective in any weather.

However, the weakness of the Iron Dome is emerging in the wake of rocket attacks from Gaza. It has been seen that the rocket is able to evade the defense of the Iron Dome. In this context, analysts say, these incidents of evading the Israeli defense system indicate that the Iron Dome also has limitations.