June 15, 2021


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At the end of Eid, a crowd of people headed for Dhaka at Daulatdia Ghat

After Eid, on Sunday, working people started returning to Dhaka through Daulatdia ferry terminal in Goalanda upazila of Rajbari. Do not join the work after the Eid celebrations with relatives at home in the village. Due to the closure of public transport, people are coming to Daulatdia Ghat in various private small cars, motorcycles, Mahindra and battery-powered autorickshaws.

Visiting the Daulatdia ferry terminal, it was seen that with the increase in the number of people on the Daulatdia-Paturia waterway on Sunday, the number of working people was increasing. Thousands of working people in the south-west are fleeing to Daulatdia Ghat in private cars, microbuses, private cars, battery-powered autobikes, motorcycles and Mahendra Yoga to cross the river and go to work in different districts including Dhaka. Besides, innumerable passengers are also coming from Dhaka. Some passengers from Dhaka said that they were returning to Dhaka with their families on Eid. . Even though there is a fear of corona infection, it is good to be able to celebrate Eid with the family.

According to BIWTC’s Daulatdia Ghat, there are 16 small and big ferries operating on this waterway.

After the Ittefaq / AAM holiday, the capital is returning to its former glory. The number of vehicles on the roads has increased. The number of passengers is also increasing. After the Eid holiday, a large number of vehicles, including public transport, were seen plying on the city’s main roads from Sunday (May 18) morning as compared to the previous two days. Although the number of passengers is not very high, the number is going to be more than the last two days.

On Sunday morning, various roads in the capital were visited and the traffic pressure increased. Due to the shortage of vehicles on the roads in the last two days, the activities of the traffic police have not been noticed. However, since this morning, the activities of the traffic police can be seen at various signals. Despite the increase in the number of vehicles, the mood of Eid is still there in the capital. Markets and shopping malls are still closed. However, some shopkeepers have been seen sitting on the sidewalk with their products in the hope of selling them. As the office-court is open, there are many people on the streets. Apart from government officials and employees, people of different classes and professions are taking to the streets in small numbers.

The ongoing lockdown in Delhi, India, has been extended for another week since last month. Indian media NDTV reported on Sunday (May 18). On April 19, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a lockdown in Delhi. Then on May 1, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced an extension of the lockdown for another seven days in the second phase. On May 9, he announced another extension of the lockdown, which was due to expire on Monday. But the day before the expiration date, he announced another extension. In the announcement, the Chief Minister said, “In the lockdown, we can see that the rate of infection is decreasing. We do not want to lose this achievement of the last few days again. We have decided to extend the ongoing lockdown by one more week. Not tomorrow (May 16), the lockdown will end on May 24 at 5 am. ‘

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