June 15, 2021


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The United States will respond to Bangladesh’s request for vaccines in a day or two

The response to Bangladesh’s request for vaccination will be received from the United States in a day or two. The United States Government is actively working for this. Besides, there is a possibility of producing vaccines made by US companies in Bangladesh.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs on Monday. The information was given in a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after meeting with Shahriar Alam and the US Ambassador to Dhaka Earl Robert Miller.

According to the statement, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs also informed the US Ambassador that the image of Bangladesh was not properly published in the ‘Religious Freedom’ report released by the US government recently.

Earl Robert Miller, the US ambassador to the State Department, met with Shahriar Alam, the state minister for foreign affairs, at the State Department on Monday morning, the statement said. During the meeting, they discussed international and bilateral issues and the annual ‘Joint Response Plan’ for the Rohingya who have taken refuge in Bangladesh, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United States Government is actively working on the request, and will receive a response within a day or two. The possibility of producing the Kavid-19 vaccine invented by a US company in Bangladesh was also discussed.

During the discussion, the State Minister said that the ‘Religious Freedom’ report released by the US government recently did not reflect the true picture of Bangladesh. In particular, the government’s best efforts to maintain communal harmony in Bangladesh have not come up. Referring to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Minister of State told the US Ambassador that Bangladesh thinks the UN Security Council needs to take urgent action on the issue. At the same time, he said the United States should play a proactive role in ending the conflict and reiterated Bangladesh’s position on resolving the Palestinian crisis on a “two-state basis”.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs also drew the attention of the US Ambassador to the issue of timely issuance of visas to Bangladeshi students wishing to study in the United States.

Ambassador Earl Robert Miller reiterated the United States’ active support for Bangladesh in resolving the Rohingya crisis.