June 15, 2021


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The scorching heat may continue for another 9 days

The honeymoon is going on. The combination of sun and rain has been going on for the last one week. Uncomfortable heat waves, scorching heat and storms in some areas. However, the amount of rain is less than the sun. Even in that rain, the heat is not decreasing.

The people of the country are suffocating in the heat as the temperature continues to rise on Monday. Children and the elderly are frustrated by the heat wave in different districts of the country including the capital Dhaka. Although it rained in Dhaka last Saturday, the citizens were restless in the heat.

On Monday, a ‘mild heat wave’ is sweeping across the country, including Dhaka. The meteorological office said the highest temperature in the country on Monday was 39.4 degrees Celsius in Jessore. The maximum temperature in Dhaka was 36.6 degrees Celsius.

The average rainfall across the country since last Falgun has been less than normal. April received 69 percent less rain than normal. In March, April and May, meteorologists said that the rainfall was less than normal due to less impact of western and eastern light pressure. On the one hand there is no rain, on the other hand the sun rays are now falling diagonally in the Bangladesh region of the geography. Moreover, the length of the sun’s rays is also increasing, which according to the rules will increase until June 21. As a result, the day temperature has become unbearable. The gap between day and night temperatures has also narrowed. Nature has literally taken the form of Rudra.

The people of Rajshahi, Khulna and Barisal divisions are suffering the most. Mild heat wave is blowing over the districts of these three divisions and some districts of Dhaka.

According to the Meteorological Department, a ‘mild heat wave’ is blowing over Dhaka, Khulna, Barisal Division and Pabna, Rajshahi, Rangamati, Chandpur and Maizdi Court areas today (Monday). This gentle heat wave may continue and the weather will not change for the next three days.

According to meteorologists, when the temperature is 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, it is a ‘mild heat wave’. If the temperature rises to 36 to 40 degrees Celsius, it is called ‘moderate heat flow’. And if the temperature is more than 40 degrees, it is considered as ‘intense heat wave’.

Meteorologist Ruhul Quddus said the rains would gradually decrease. It will be further reduced from May 16. There will be heat wave in the country till May 28. There may be little rain at times.

Meteorologist said. Abdur Rahman Khan said that the increase in light pressure is in West Bengal and adjoining areas. The extension extends to the North Bay. Mild heat flow is flowing in it. However, the amount of water vapor in the air is less, 56 percent. That’s why I’m not sweating. This situation is unlikely to change significantly in the next one week. Rather the temperature may rise further.