June 15, 2021


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This time Shiuli’s case against Councilor Khorshed

Sayed Akhter Shiuli, who has been in the news for a few days on social media, has filed a case against Khorshed under the Digital Security Act, claiming that Maksudul Alam Khandaker, a councilor of Narayanganj City Corporation’s (Nasik) 13th ward, had secretly married Khorshed. A human rights activist named Ferdousi Akter Rehena has also been accused in the case filed at Fatullah Model Police Station on Sunday night.

Shiuli claimed that Councilors Khorshed and Rehena Akhter came on Facebook live and spread slander against him. Confirming the matter, Fatullah Model Police Station OC Rakibuzzaman said efforts were being made to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the story of Shiuli’s terrible deception has come up in the contemporary investigation. He had three more marriages before. She married her first husband Osman Gani for 15 years. He has a son and a daughter in that family. The second husband’s name is Zaheer. He has a daughter in that family.

Divorced Zaheer and married a man named Tariqur Rahman on November 3, 2016. Just a year after the marriage, Shiuli filed a case against Tareq at the Fatullah Model Police Station alleging beating and attempted murder for dowry. Tareq was also jailed for six months in that case. Later, Shiuli arranged the bail of Tareq. The last thing Shiuli noticed was Councilor Maksudul Alam Khorshed. In June last year, Khorshed’s wife Luna was diagnosed with corona and was admitted to the ICU of Labaid Hospital in the capital. At that time his oxygen crisis occurred. At the same time, Councilor Khorshed was also attacked by Corona. After recovering, Khorshed built a stockpile of oxygen cylinders to provide free oxygen support to those affected by the corona. He called upon the members of the society to come forward to help in this work. Khorshed’s call was spread on an online portal in the country. Shiuli then expressed his interest in giving an oxygen cylinder to Khorshed’s team under that news. Khorshed took the oxygen cylinder from him. Then the two met and they became Facebook friends. At one point Khorshed finds out that Shiuli is the younger sister of his childhood friend Mamun. Mamun is currently in Australia. Since the introduction, Shiuli used to talk and chat with Khorshed on phone and messenger. At one stage Shiuli proposed marriage to Khorshed. Khorshed was shocked.

Khorshed said, ‘From then on I started avoiding him (Shiuli). Because I have a wife and three children. There is no question of responding to his proposal. I blocked him on Facebook to avoid him. Even then, his oppression did not stop. Being compelled, I made a general diary at Fatulla Model Police Station. At one stage, on January 21, Shiuli people came to pick me up from Masdair’s house in the city. Then my men and wife Luna saved me. Shiuli did not stop even after that. Due to his constant threats, on April 24, I came to Facebook Live and asked for the help of the city dwellers and the administration to get rid of Shiuli. Shiuli was out of the country at that time. Contrary to my Facebook Live, he sent a video message to some journalists in Narayanganj while sitting abroad and claimed that he had married me. Shiuli’s brother Mamun, meanwhile, expressed his anger and grief to his friend (Khorshed) after learning about his younger sister’s misdeeds from Australia. He requested Shiuli to refrain from this in various ways. Shiuli’s sons and daughters also told Mamun that they were embarrassed by her mother’s actions. Shiuli’s elder sister’s husband is also embarrassed about this. This recording of Mamun’s conversation from Australia is with Samakal.

Asked about this, Sayeda Akhter Shiuli told Samakal, ‘I am a businessman. I have a petrol pump and a garment. I have three children. We became separated because we did not get along with our husbands. I have known Councilor Khorshed since childhood. After separating from her husband, Khorshed proposed marriage to me. Although I did not agree at first, I got married to Khorshed on August 2 last year at the SS filling station in Kanchpur, Sonargaon. Kazi Khorshed brought the wedding with him. So at the moment I can’t show the marriage certificate. When the issue of marriage came to light, Khorshed stopped communicating with me and started propaganda against me.

Regarding Shiuli’s statement, Councilor Khorshed said, ‘If you are married, let me see the cabinet letter. Moreover, I found out that he was trying to make a fake cabinet letter. That is why he has discussed with a lawyer.