June 15, 2021


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The United States is providing more weapons to Israel in all-out attacks

The United States is providing more weapons to Gaza in the wake of Israel’s all-out terrorist attack. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s administration has approved a প্রস্তাব 635 million arms deal.

Democrats are divided over the role of the United States in Israel’s horrific attack on the Palestinians. Democrats are questioning Biden’s pledge to protect human rights.

Criticism has also begun with continued support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the meantime, Washington is going to supply Israel with a large number of weapons and equipment. Several lawmakers in the US Congress have expressed concern about this. Khabar Al Jazeera.

The Washington Post reported that the US Congress was informed about the sale of new weapons to Israel in the first week of this month (May 5).

The Biden administration approved the arms deal on Sunday, almost a week after Israeli airstrikes on Gaza began last week.

On the same day, Biden expressed support for Israel’s attack on Gaza, saying “Israel has a right to self-defense.”

Washington’s position has previously been supported by a majority of lawmakers in the US Congress. But a new generation of lawmakers in the House of Representatives is questioning this continued support. Even several lawmakers want to know more about the proposed arms sale proposal and timing.

The Democratic Party came to power with a promise of social and racial justice by defeating former President Trump, CNN reported in an analysis. So it is very uncomfortable for this group to come and speak for Israel at this time.

The United States has voted to change the history of racism and discrimination and has embraced the Black Lives Matter movement. Liberals believe that the United States should apply the same concept of fairness in foreign policy. Many now view Israel’s behavior in Palestine as racist.

Occupying Israeli forces have been carrying out air and artillery strikes in the Gaza Strip for eight days in a row. The attacks killed 200 people, including 57 children.