June 15, 2021


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Babul has confessed to killing his wife in remand, claims PBI

Former SP Babul Akter has confessed to killing his wife Mahmuda Khanam Mitu in remand. The PBI has made this demand in an application filed in the Chittagong court. But after taking Babul Akhtar to court, he did not agree to confess under section 164. The court later sent him to jail.

He was sent to jail from the court around 3 pm on Monday.

Earlier, he was brought to the court at 10 am. Babul Akhtar confessed to killing his wife during interrogation in remand, the PBI said in its application to the court. Mentioning the matter in writing, PBI applied to the court for taking confessional statement under section 164. After the application, the accused Babul Akter was taken to the chamber of Chittagong Metropolitan Magistrate Sarwar Jahan.

After staying for about 4 hours, Babul Akhter said he would not testify under section 164. The judge ordered him to be sent to jail as there was no remand application in the case.

According to PBI sources, he was scheduled to give a confessional statement under section 164 in court. But after much drama, he refused to testify at the last minute and the court ordered him sent to jail. However, even though he was sent to jail, the PBI may remand Babul Akhtar for questioning, sources said.

Santosh Kumar Chakma, inspector of PBI Chittagong, the investigating officer of the case, applied to the court for a statement under section 164 of the Babul Act. As mentioned in the application, the case is sensational. During interrogation in remand, accused Babul Akhter confessed to killing his wife. He agreed to testify and was asked to testify.

PBI Chittagong Metro Region Superintendent Naima Sultana told Jugantar, “They will apply for remand to Babul Akter again.” Because there is still a lot of information and information about the killers. ‘

On May 11, the PBI took Babul Akhter, the plaintiff in the Mitu murder case, into custody for questioning. After coming to Chittagong from Dhaka, PBI Inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma, the investigating officer of the case, interrogated him at the PBI Metro office. After a day of interrogation, Babul Akhter was taken into custody as evidence of his involvement in the murder was found. After giving the final report in the previous case, Mitu’s father Mosharraf Hossain filed a new murder case against 6 people with Babul Akter as the main accused. Babul Akhter was arrested on May 12 in the case. At the same time he was remanded for 5 days from the court.