June 15, 2021


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Those who are 60 years old will be allowed to work in Kuwait

A few days ago, a notification was issued regarding expatriate workers in Kuwait. It said people over the age of 60 could not stay in Kuwait.

But the country’s manpower authority recently said those with higher degrees and those who are able to operate the equipment well would be considered fit to work in the country.

The country’s daily Al-Qabas reports that those who have previously submitted these qualification certificates will automatically have their stay extended. However, those who have not submitted before will have to apply online and submit.

According to the Arab Times, migrant workers will be able to work legally in the country if the documents signed by the country’s foreign ministry are valid.

The government has extended the ongoing ban on coronavirus infection for another week. However, the notification did not say anything about shops and shopping malls. That’s why the shop owner’s association will be locked down for the time being on Sunday, said the president of the association. Helal Uddin.

However, this decision was changed at night. According to the new decision, it has been decided to keep the shops open from 10 am to 8 pm in compliance with the hygiene rules.

The cabinet department in a notification on Sunday extended the ongoing restrictions on various sectors, including public transport, by one more week to control corona infection. It will be from Monday until midnight on May 23. At this time the conditions of the current restrictions will remain in force. For this, the leave period of the educational institution was also extended by another point. After the Eid holiday, some shops in the capital opened yesterday. There is confusion among many traders as to whether the shops and malls will remain open as the notification does not say anything clearly.

Asked about this, Helal Uddin, president of the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association, said on Monday afternoon, “I said yesterday afternoon that I would respect the government’s decision and keep the shops closed till May 23.” But later I had the opportunity to talk to the state minister of public administration on my mobile phone at night. He (State Minister) said that shops and markets can be opened in compliance with the health rules. Due to this our decision has also changed. Shops and malls will be kept open every day from 10 am to 8 pm in compliance with the hygiene rules.

Helal Uddin further said that Eid holiday is going on in most of the shops. They will open later this week. However, strict hygiene rules must be followed.

Dewan Aminul Islam, president of the Dhaka New Market Business Association, said the capital’s New Market would reopen on Wednesday. “The weekly holiday in our Newmarket area is Tuesday,” he said. We have already given notice to open the market from Wednesday, the next day.

It was decided to increase the restrictions on Saturday. According to the new circular, public transport will be able to operate in the city and the district till May 23. As per previous instructions, public transport from one district to another will be closed. Moreover, the movement of ships, trains and launches has been stopped.

All government departments and agencies involved in revenue collection will be exempt from emergency services. Food shops, hotels and restaurants can only sell or supply food.

State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said it has been decided to extend the ongoing lockdown till May 23 to prevent corona infection. Ongoing restrictions expire on May 18. In addition, the police will be given judicial powers to make it mandatory for people to wear masks by amending the Infectious Diseases (Prevention, Control and Eradication) Act, 2018. Executive Magistrates perform their duties under this Act. Now the law is being amended to give power to the police.

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