June 15, 2021


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Rozina Islam is outraged for reporting corruption

Prothom Alo senior reporter Rozina Islam’s colleagues demanded her immediate and unconditional release. They also demanded that the case against Rozina Islam be withdrawn and that those who humiliated her be investigated and those responsible be brought to justice.

They made these demands from a human chain organized in front of Prothom Alo office on Tuesday afternoon. A human chain was organized at 4.30 pm today to demand the trial of journalist Rozina Islam and her release. Prothom Alo journalists and employees working in different departments took part in it. Journalists working in different media, leaders of journalists’ organizations, university teachers-students, development workers took part in the human chain and expressed solidarity.

The rain started a little before the scheduled time of human chain. VJE colleagues took part in the human chain in the rain. In their hands are ‘endangered journalism, crying country’, ‘I want freedom of Rozina Islam’, ‘I want independent media in independent country’, ‘What is the future of honest and courageous journalism’, ‘Journalism is not a crime’, ‘I want repeal of black law on journalism’, ‘Freedom of speech’ There were posters with slogans like ‘Constitutional rights’.

Sajjad Sharif, managing editor of Prothom Alo, said Rozina Islam has been a journalist for a long time. His reputation is at home and abroad. Received many awards for journalism. The main strength of his journalism is investigative journalism. He has revealed a lot and the government has taken corrective action based on his report.

Sajjad Sharif added that the public health sector has become important because of Corona. Rozina Islam was reporting on various irregularities, corruption and mismanagement in the health sector. Rozina Islam has become the victim of the outrage of those who have been outraged by these reports. There was no reason for the way he was detained in the secretariat. The issue of Rozina Islam will be dealt with in accordance with the law, said Sajjad Sharif. “We are confident that we will get justice,” he said. Rozina Islam went to the Secretariat to carry out her professional duties as a journalist. He did not go to do any wrong. People have benefited through his journalism, journalism has benefited, the country has benefited. ‘

Asked by reporters whether the case against Rozina Islam was against independent journalism, Sajjad Sharif said, “Freedom of speech has been enshrined in the country’s constitution, especially the freedom of the press.” The laws that have been enacted in recent times, including the Digital Act, are clearly contradictory and in conflict with the freedom of speech and democracy that we have achieved through freedom gained in exchange for blood. These have narrowed the path to independent journalism. ”Anisul Haque, associate editor of Prothom Alo, demanded the unconditional withdrawal of the case against Rozina Islam and her release. “It simply came to our notice then. Political decisions can also be made. If we had not applied for remand today, we could have got Rozina’s bail. As a citizen, we think the lawsuit against Rozina is a false one. We want the unconditional release of Rozina Islam, the withdrawal of the case against her and the investigation of those who humiliated her and bring those responsible to justice.

Anisul Haque thinks that the harassers of Rozina Islam have tarnished the image of the country in front of the whole world. He said, ‘Those who harassed Rozina, detained her, did not do the government any good. They did not brighten the image of Bangladesh. The image of Bangladesh is being tarnished all over the world.

The whole world is watching, this country is a country that oppresses journalists and violates the freedom of expression of the media. I want freedom of journalists, I want freedom of expression. Freedom of the press is necessary for the state, for the government and for good governance. ‘

Anisul Haque said, “Everyone in Bangladesh wants the release of Rozina Islam. The government should be able to read the minds of the people. I want the intervention of the upper echelons of the government regarding the release of Rozina Islam. ‘

Journalists from different media also took part in the human chain. Mursalin Nomani, president of the Dhaka Reporters’ Unity, told Manabbandhan that the drama was staged to stop Rozina Islam’s investigative journalism. He demanded an investigation into whether Rozina Islam’s case was an attempt to confront the government and journalists.