June 15, 2021


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The Indian type of corona was found in the bodies of three more people returning to India

Indian variants of the corona have been identified in samples of three others in the institutional quarantine at Jessore and Narail. This information has been released from the Genome Center Lab of Jessore University of Question and Technology on Tuesday.

According to lab sources, samples of two were collected from Jessore Sadar Hospital on May 12 and one from Narail on May 18 and sent for corona examination. Their corona positive report comes. As they are returning passengers, their corona type is tested. Indian variant B 1.617.2 was found in their samples. Of the three, two are men and the other is women. The woman is 26 years old. The two men are aged 61 and 36. Professor Iqbal Kabir Zahid, associate director of the Genome Center at Jessore University of Science and Technology, said the Indian type was being tested as soon as the corona of the returning passengers was identified. Today, Indian type has been identified in the bodies of three people. Earlier, the same type was identified in the bodies of two more people.

Professor Iqbal Kabir said that according to the World Health Organization, this is a worrying type. This type has already spread to 70 countries around the world. Although not a double mutant, it is worrisome. It can cause more than 20 percent of infections, he said.