June 15, 2021


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PUBG returns in the name of India BattleGround Mobile India, know full update

After months of speculation and apprehension, the last PUBG game is officially back in the form of Battleground Mobile India. South Korean gaming company Krafton (Krafton) is relaunching the India version of the player UNDoggle Battleground (PUBG) exclusively for mobile users. This time the game will be in a new name and avatar. Crafton has not yet announced a date for the launch of the mobile game. Significantly, in September last year, PUBG was also banned in India, including Chinese apps. Which was introduced in India by China company Tencent. Crafton’s parent company PUBH Corp. after the ban. Terminates its partnership with Tencent for India.

Battleground Mobile India is going to come with features such as exclusive in-game events. It will also have EcoSport ecosystems along with tournaments and leagues. Crafton issued a statement saying it would set up an Indian subsidiary in November. At the same time, a new Indian version of the game will be launched. The company said it would invest $ 100 million to revitalize the business in the larger market. There were over 175 million downloads before the app was banned in India.

The company has said that there will be a pre-registration period before the launch. Battleground Mobile India pre-registration is going to start soon. At present, no date has been set for it. Crafton will soon officially declare it. It is not yet known how different Battleground Mobile India will be from the PUBG game. However, the game will have a restriction for users under 18 years of age. It is being said that young children will have to take permission from their families to play. For this, parents’ mobile number will have to be given.

Posted By: Arvind Dubey