June 20, 2021


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Why can’t classes be held with one seat vacant in the educational institution?

Students have staged human chains and protests across the country, including in the capital, demanding immediate reopening of educational institutions. They say — markets, public transport, restaurants are open, then why are educational institutions closed? Students are going out of the house regularly. And if public transport can be run with one seat vacant, then why can’t classes be held with one seat vacant in the educational institution?

Students of Dhaka College, Eden College, Dhaka City College and other educational institutions of the capital staged a human chain with banners and festoons in front of the National Press Club on Monday morning. Apart from this, the students held human chains in front of various public universities in front of their respective universities and central Shaheed Minar in the district headquarters. At Jahangirnagar University, some students in human chain broke down in tears when they went to talk about their plight.

Students in the human chain of the capital said, “All the institutions, including garments, are open in accordance with the health rules. It is unreasonable to close the educational institutions there.” That is why we are demanding to open the educational institution immediately and start the class examination. ‘ Ashraful, a student, said, “It doesn’t make sense to just keep everything open and close educational institutions, it’s completely unreasonable.” We want to get back to our campus very soon. Our request to the authorities is to make arrangements to return to class immediately without increasing the session jam. ‘

Student Al Mamun said, ‘Talk to our teachers, not bureaucrats, to open educational institutions. They must make good decisions and give advice. Many are going astray from home. I am drawing the attention of the Minister of Education to make arrangements for them to return to their classes before they go astray. Open a fast-paced educational institution sooner or later, or we will be forced to take tougher action. ‘ See. I hope the government will take effective steps to relieve the students from mental pressure.

Students of Jahangirnagar University have organized a human chain demanding compliance of health rules and opening of campus to normalize education activities. They held a human chain on the road adjacent to the Shaheed Minar of the university yesterday. A few students in the human chain broke down in tears as they talked about their current condition.

Zakirul Islam, a chemistry student, said, “If everything in Bangladesh is open according to hygiene rules, why shouldn’t educational institutions be opened?” Sessions, lockdowns, three years in one year, now only frustration is growing, I see no other way but suicide. ‘

Another student Nahidul Islam said, “I am in the third year from 2019 till today. Everything from shopping malls is open, only educational institutions are closed. ‘

Our Tangail correspondent said that the students staged a human chain in front of the central Shaheed Minar at Nirala corner of Tangail city yesterday. The students said, “Even though everything is open in the country, educational institutions are not being opened.” How long will we sit like this? I am requesting the Prime Minister to open the educational institution in compliance with the health rules. ‘

Apart from this, the students organized human chain in different universities including Islamic University, Gopalganj University of Science and Technology, Comilla University, Khulna University and districts and upazilas.