June 18, 2021


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The first ‘black fungus’ was identified in the country

For the first time in the country, at least two people have been diagnosed with coronavirus and have been diagnosed with black fungus. After the recent outbreak of the rare fungal disease in India, two people were reported to be infected in Bangladesh.

Black fungus was detected in their body this month at Bardem General Hospital in the capital. The Department of Health has issued a warning across the country following the recent outbreak of the disease in India. This time the disease was identified in the country amid such concerns.

Bardem Hospital, Associate Professor of Microbiology. Lovely Barai told the media that in our lab, two people have been diagnosed with mucormycosis. We are treating them and trying to control blood sugar. This is the first time the disease has been identified in the body of a corona patient in a laboratory in Bardem.

Dr. Lovely Barai said the condition could be serious if a patient infected with black fungus has low immunity. Therefore, they have to be treated carefully.

On May 8, a 45-year-old patient was diagnosed with black fungus. Later on May 23, another 70-year-old man was diagnosed with the disease.

Black fungus is a fungal disease that is mainly prevalent in patients with Kavid. Patients with high doses of steroids, intensive care in the hospital for long periods of time, or high blood pressure are more likely to develop the fungus. Wearing vegetables, soil, fruits, the same mask every day has been warned to spread the disease.

Symptoms include fever, headache, red nose and eyes, loss of vision, shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting, etc.

Black fungus has been found in 6,600 people in India so far. 219 of them have died. Black fungus has been declared an epidemic in five states of India – Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Odisha, Rajasthan and Telangana.
Poet Habibullah Siraj, the director general of Bangla Academy, could not be saved. He breathed his last at 11pm on Monday (May 24) while undergoing treatment at the Bangladesh Specialized Hospital in the capital. Nomat, an official of Bangla Academy, confirmed the information.

Habibullah Siraji clone was diagnosed with cancer. He was admitted to the hospital on April 28 due to stomach problems. The next day, April 26, he underwent surgery. After that, he went to Life Support.

Habibullah Siraj had been suffering from a physical illness for several months before that. On 26 February, a ring was placed on his heart. He returned home on March 2.

Poet Habibullah Siraji became the Director General of Bangla Academy in December 2016. Habibullah Siraj, who played a role in the formation of the National Poetry Council in the eighties, received the Ekushey Padak in 2016. Before that in 1991 he received the Bangla Academy Literary Award.

Habibullah Siraj has served four times as the elected president of the National Poetry Council.

The body of Habibullah Siraj will be brought to Bangla Academy at 10 am on Tuesday morning. After the first janaza here, he will be buried at Azimpur cemetery after the second janaza.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed deep grief over the death of Bangla Academy Director General Poet Habibullah Siraj.

On the death of the Ekushey Medal-winning poet and writer, Sheikh Hasina said, “Habibullah Siraji has highlighted the war of liberation and progress in his poetry and deeds which will be remembered by the readers.”

The Prime Minister prayed for the forgiveness of the soul of the deceased and conveyed his deepest condolences to the bereaved family members.