June 18, 2021


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Say it was in mother’s lap

Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire last Friday after 11 days of fighting. But about two and a half hundred lives have been lost. Mostly Palestinian. The number of children is 65. On the second day of Eid, eight children of two families died in one attack. They were together to celebrate Eid. Nabil Anusurya is reporting the incident
Gaza, Palestine. Inside view of a hospital. A five-month-old baby is lying in a small bed. Dad standing in the shed. Tears in my eyes. The doctor has a ban. So you can’t hug the baby and cry. The father’s name is Mohammad Al Hadidi. The child lying in front of him is the only surviving member of his family. Omar.

Eid has been celebrated in the Middle East on 13 May. Mohammad Al Hadidi spent the day laughing with the whole family. He is survived by his wife Maha Al Hadidi and five children – Suhaib, 13, Yahya, 11, Abdur Rahman, 8, Osama, 6 and Omar, 5. They live in the northern part of Gaza. In the Alshati refugee camp. It is the third largest refugee camp in Palestine. It covers an area of ​​more than 500 acres. There are about a million people.

The day after Eid, Mohammad Al Hadidi went to take everyone with him. At the house of his wife’s brother Yusuf Abu Hattab. That camp. Three storey house. Yusuf lives there with his wife and children. Wife Yasmin Hassan and three children — five-year-old Yamen, 10-year-old Billal and 11-year-old Yusuf. ‘Actually going for the kids. What a joy it is when they are all together! My kids all went after Eid new clothes. Favorite toys. Everyone says they will play together, ”said Mohammad Al Hadidi.

The children played with all their heart. Then in the evening he took a deposit from his father to stay. “I couldn’t look at their innocent faces and say no. I left them there and came home alone. I thought, everyone is having a great night together! I fell asleep thinking about this, “said Mohammed al-Hadidi. Suddenly he woke up to the sound of a loud explosion. There is a bombing somewhere nearby. A neighbor came and gave him the news. He later learned that the missile had hit his wife’s brother’s house. At least three F-16 missiles.

The attack took place at around 2 am. Without any prior announcement. Mohammed’s brother Ahmed al-Hadidi’s house is very close from there. He was still awake. Watching the news of the Israeli attack. And his son Ali was sleeping. The whole area was shaken by the explosion. He felt the tremors. The window glass is broken. Things go later on the floor. He came out quickly with Ali. You see, Yusuf’s house has just been demolished. ‘I knew they were all in that house. I felt so helpless! I lost consciousness for a while. When Sambit came back, I saw Ali holding my hand and crying. He was also injured in the blast. Bleeding. Seeing my condition, the neighbors came forward to help, ”said Ahmed.

Mohammad Al Hadidi got the news and left. He saw the ruins of the house lying around. Rescue workers have started work. The corpses are being brought out one by one. Of his wife. Children. Joseph with his wife and children. Mohammad was taken to hospital. To identify bodies. One by one, everyone was identifying the wounded bodies. Only then can you know that Omar is alive. The destruction of the missile did not kill him. It feels like she was in the safe shelter of her mother’s lap.

Omar was brought to the hospital and given first aid. After that he met the boy. Canula in small hands. Saline is being given. Plaster on the right leg. Crying throwing hands and feet. Finding his father, he grabbed his hand with his little fingers. Khan Mohammad kissed her gently on the cheek with tears in his eyes. Doctor’s ban, you can’t move him too much. Omar’s right leg was broken in three places. I also got an injury on my face. Mohammed al-Hadidi’s feelings were dulled throughout the incident. Could not understand the state of mind. “The feeling (then) was very strange,” he said. On the one hand, I lost my wife and the rest of the children. But in the meantime I got Omar back. I didn’t understand how I felt. ‘

However, he understood that the Creator has mercy on Omar. The reason is, ‘I think the Creator had prepared him for today.’ Mohammad also expressed concern about himself, ‘When Omar grows up, he will know the whole thing, how he will handle himself — I don’t know. I can’t say what his attitude towards the world will be. That’s why I’m talking! I can’t think of a way to survive without my wife and children. ‘

An Israeli army spokesman claimed after the incident that the target of the attack was Youssef al-Hattab. He is a senior commander in the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed forces. But Mohammed dismissed that claim. “It’s all a hoax,” he said. Joseph was a good businessman. Electrical and construction materials. There was no contact with any armed forces. ‘And Mohammed’s other brother, Khaled al-Hadidi, posed the biggest question,’ If these are counter-terrorism attacks, are Mohammed and Yusuf’s children also terrorists? Five-year-old Yemen, six-year-old Osama fired rockets at Israel? Attacked? What excuse will they give them? ‘

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