June 20, 2021


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Jens Sumon returns with a song for Palestine

Remember Jens Sumon? Jens Sumon took the whole country by storm. Do you know why? Those who know the news of the song must know everything. Many imitate the band stars Hassan and James. Acceptance is created, then lost. The name of such a wave was James Sumon. Because Sumon’s appearance imitates James. And that appearance was justified. Because he was mesmerized by the song ‘There will be a sheet’. Music fans from all over the country were talking about it – ‘A sheet will be a sheet, the sheet in which the caress of the human body is hidden …’

In 2002, ‘Ekta Chadar Chahe’ was published. The song received a huge response after being aired on a BTV magazine show. Janes Sumon’s real name is Ghalib Ahsan Mehdi. Sumon is his nickname. He sang near three arrows. People remember him only for the song ‘Ekta Chadar Haibe’. He does not feel bad about it.

Delivery like Mahfuz Anam James, the people and the audience were mesmerized by the melody. That is the only song. Resh was long gone where he got lost after the song. The last time he did a show on TV was two years ago. And the last song he did in his last album. After releasing the solo album ‘Mon Cholo Ruper Nagar’ in 2006, Jens Sumon did not do any new songs.

Maybe no other song like ‘Chadar Chahe’ could make such an appeal. Janice Sumon is now busy with family business. Spend time in your own advertising agency. His family took two daughters. Thaken in Uttara Model Town. Occasionally do stage shows.

After a long time, Jens Sumon’s new song came. The song composed by Ethun Babu was released on May 20. Although the name of the song is Atar Golap, the use of the word chadar in the song is reminiscent of ‘Ekta Chadar Hobe’ of the zero decade.

Regarding the song, Ethun Babu said, “If anyone has heard or recorded the story of the song ‘Ekta Chadar Chahe’, ‘Atar Golap Jal’ is a great attempt to take Sumon from that context.”

“Israel’s violence is driving the world today towards the shaking of molten rock,” he said. Which the world cannot accept. We, the helpless, higher powers, are on their side. Human deaths, including child deaths, like KFC chicken tandoori! Some thoughts were swirling in my head. Those words have been highlighted in the song. ‘

The song has been released from Ethun Babu’s own label EB Music TV.

Janice Sumon’s first solo album, Ashirbad, was released in 1998. Then comes one by one ‘The sky is crying’, ‘Guest’, ‘Hopeful’, ‘There will be a sheet’, ‘Come on, come on’, ‘Cherry’ and so on. Her latest album ‘Mon Cholo Ruper Nagar’ was released in 2006.