June 20, 2021


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I had plans for a fourth marriage

Azhar’s wife Asma Akter, 28, was involved in an affair with Imam Maulana Abdur Rahman, 54, of Sardarbari Jame Mosque in Dakshin Khan. The two planned to remove Azhar. If they got married, it would have been second for Abdur Rahman and fourth for Asma. This information has been known from the sources related to the investigation.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Begum Nivana Khair’s JC court on Wednesday remanded Asma and Abdur Rahman in custody for five days in connection with Azhar’s murder.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, six pieces of Azhar’s body were recovered from the septic tank of Sardarbari Jame Mosque in Dakshin Khan.

“Abdur Rahman and Asma were supposed to get married,” Khandaker Al Moin, commander of the RAB’s legal and media wing, told Kaler Kanth yesterday. They admitted during interrogation that the two had planned to kill Azhar.

According to the relevant sources, Asmar got married to a farmer in Tangail in 2014. She later divorced him and married Azhar’s elder brother in 2015. Then he got involved with Azhar. In 2016, the two fled to Dhaka and got married. Azhar took a job in a garment factory. They had a son in 2016. Abdur Rahman was hired last January to teach Arabic to the four-year-old Aryan. Then the two developed a relationship. Realizing the matter, Azhar kicked Abdur Rahman out of the house one day in February. Later, the two used to talk about the mobile SIM bought in another’s name. During the interrogation, Abdur Rahman and Asma said that they spent four days alone in another house.

According to RAB sources, they planned to kill Azhar before last Ramadan. At first the hired killer was thought of. Later, Abdur Rahman himself took responsibility for the murder. According to him, on May 19, he called Azhar and killed him. He cut his body into six pieces and threw it in a septic tank. Then wash everything and offer prayers in the mosque. He prayed for four days before being caught. At this time he made a mistake every time he prayed.

Abdur Rahman’s house is in Tungipara of Gopalganj. He has a son and a daughter. He has been praying in a mosque in Dakshin Khan area for 33 years. During interrogation, he told RAB that he fell in love with Asma. He killed Azhar to keep his word. Otherwise, Asma herself threatened to kill Azhar. Kill yourself and kill him (Abdur Rahman). On the other hand, Asma told RAB that she did not like Azhar’s behavior. That is why he is involved in foreign affairs.