June 20, 2021


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The embankment has broken and water is entering the locality, there is no initiative to repair it

At least 15 villages have been submerged due to the collapse of embankments constructed by the Water Development Board at 6 points on the banks of Bishkhali river in Bamna upazila of Barguna due to the tidal wave caused by cyclone Yas. For the last three days, water has been flowing into the locality through the collapsed embankment. The Water Development Board has not yet taken any initiative to repair the dams. As a result, the villages are submerged in the tide every day.

Jafrakhali, Kalaiya, Taleshwar, Bukabunia, Chhonbunia, Chechan of Bamna Sadar Union, Chechan, Dhuskhali, Sonakhali, Kalikabari, Kalagachhiya, Dakshinayun of Ramna Union, Ayodhya of Ramna Union A total of 15 villages including Chalabhanga.

It is learned that the water level of Bishkhali river increased by 3-4 feet due to the tidal cyclone Yas and full moon tide at midnight last Tuesday. About 25 km of embankment of the river bank water development board was partially damaged due to increased water flow. The embankment was breached at 6 points including Chenchan, Kalagachhia, Bukabunia, Jafrakhali, Chhonbunia, Ayodhya, Dakshin Ramna and Chalabhanga areas of the damaged dam. About 10,000 people were stranded. Thousands of acres of arable land and hundreds of fish ponds were submerged.

Locals complained that after receiving the news of the breach of the embankment, the officials of the upazila administration and the officials of the Water Development Board visited the site but no one has taken any initiative to repair the embankments or cover the water for three days.

Jafrakhali village housing said. Madhu Mia said, “Eyes have been breaking the tide for three days and entering the land through the dam.” When he saw the people coming, he left again. They are not doing anything to stop the dam. Besides, the houses have been submerged in the tidal water. No official aid or food items have reached the residents here.

Barguna District Water Development Board Executive Engineer. Kauser Ali told Kaler Kanth that the dam should be repaired by today. I have instructed our responsible officer of this upazila to repair the dam as soon as I get the news. I talked to him again and quickly arranged for the dams to be repaired.

Abu Hanif, an assistant engineer of the Water Development Board in charge of Bamna Upazila, was called on his mobile phone to find out.

Bamna Upazila Nirbahi Officer Vivek Sarkar said, “I have talked to the officials of Barguna Water Development Board many times. But they have not yet taken any steps to repair the damaged dams.

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