June 20, 2021


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‘Looks like I’m frozen, the yellow Punjabi is wet’

When Ritwik Chakraborty came to Dhaka, no one knew him, nor did he know anyone. Came with the theater. At that time he was an ordinary playwright. So I had to go back to Calcutta after rehearsals and shows at the theater. He did not become a well-known actor, which is why he did not want to tour the city of Dhaka. Who will listen to his whims? But it was a pity that the city was not seen. Ritwik Chakraborty was speaking one afternoon three years ago.

Unlike Bangladeshi actress Opi Karim, Ritwik was then starring in a film called Debris of Desire or Maya Janjal. Shooting was going on. There we talked with some Bangladeshis. That Saturday afternoon, the priest found a group of Bangladeshis and opened the basket of regret. However, he did not forget to express his wishes.

He said, ‘Maybe I have to go to Dhaka because I have regrets. I will go around a lot and eat street food. But you know, now I have a little acquaintance, the market that I will do does not happen. People recognize the market. Normal work does not become. When no one knew, I could not afford it again. However, my family members did not trust me. I am very busy now. I give time to family one day a week. But I want to take a little leave and go to Dhaka.

Three years ago he told us that the priest would come to Dhaka but he did not come to Dhaka. If there is no relative in this Bengal, that is, in Bangladesh, there is probably a special tension. What’s that? Imperfection in Dhaka? Not known. But pull, yes that remains. Like today, he posted a post on his Facebook. He posted some pictures of himself and wrote, ‘Rain in the city Jalkadamakhanongra Dedar’ has given the presence of rain in the pictures. There, a young school teacher named Prothom Biswas wrote, ‘Grandpa, I want to see you in the character of Himu.’


The priest did not avoid the topic. Replied. Wrote, ‘Now it seems that I have become Himu. The yellow Punjabi is wet, so it’s a T-shirt. ‘

It was understood how much Humayun Ahmed had assimilated, how much this Bengal and the young Himu in a boundary walking in the city.

Ritwik Chakraborty started his career in Bengali theater. After a lot of struggle, he has been able to come to this place today. He then came to the big screen in 2006 by working with Rudranil Ghosh in Cross Connection.