June 18, 2021


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Will Israel last more than 20 years?

There has been no research on social media for a long time. For this reason, on the occasion of Eid, during the voluntary holiday, I entered through various social media and only saw the news and reaction of the attack on Palestine. Eid in exile does not feel like Eid. Due to the situation in Palestine, such a sad Eid has probably never happened before. I hear a lot of people say, even giving expert opinion that what Hamas is doing is completely wrong. The inflexible and uncompromising attitude of Hamas is detrimental to the Palestinians. While I have no doubt about their erudition, I still have doubts about their motives.

One thing to note is that they are just saying that Hamas’s activities are not right for the Palestinians. Rather, it is only good for the Palestinians to run after a peace deal like Al-Fatah if it is a little more flexible. They probably don’t know history or want to avoid it.

But they forget that this holy land belongs to the Palestinians. Israel is not Jewish. I am being evicted from my land, and I will save my own back by making a peace treaty. If I don’t have land, what is my success? Only flatterers and tricksters can live without self-respect.

One more thing, what an example can be given in this world, where a Muslim country has gained independence through a peace treaty. Only bloody struggle can bring a decision, not a peace agreement. There has been only betrayal in the history of the world peace treaty. Maybe the attacks have stopped for two-four-ten years; But has peace come? Torture-torture-oppression has decreased? Or it is going on every now and then behind the peace agreement.

Think of our liberation war. If Bangabandhu had withdrawn from the all-out war by signing a peace treaty, would Bangladesh have been? But it cannot be said that Bangabandhu did not have that opportunity. But instead of compromise, he went to the struggle and won. What a surprise, we forgot about the Rohingyas so easily! They have been uprooted and wiped out at different times from generation to generation. Whenever the international community has said something, they have remained silent. Then after some time the same torture, murder again. Talk again, silent again. Then repeat that incident again.

Isn’t the same thing happening in Palestine? Suppose Hamas agrees to a ceasefire, comes to a peace agreement. So whose gain and whose loss? How many Palestinians were martyred, what is their compensation? Life for life? Will Israel be able to hand over the same number of Israelis to Hamas? To take revenge. So what’s the deal? At least not to my knowledge. There can be no ceasefire / peace agreement based on so many Palestinian martyrs. If so, only the Palestinians will be defeated. Otherwise not.

Many may say, I am denying the reality. Apparently, the victory of the Palestinians is impossible. Israel cannot be defeated by fighting alone against the rest of the world. Yes, I agree. However, it is also accepted that victory does not just happen as a worldly thing. Similarly, victory is not only a collective victory, but also an account of individual victory. The idea of ​​victory in Islam is not just to occupy the country by killing and defeating others. The idea of ​​its victory is broadly of three types.

A. People’s conversion to Islam is the greatest victory of Islam. We see such a victory even in the present time. When the Muslim world was invaded after the 9/11 attacks, many said what was the benefit to the Muslims. Only oppression and defeat. But look at the rate of conversion to Islam after that incident. You will surely find similarities with the victory of the Qur’an. (I don’t want to argue about why 9/11 happened and why. It probably won’t come to light any day.)

B. The second type of victory is the victory in the conventional sense. That is, surrendering or accepting defeat in a war between two parties.

C. The third type is personal victory, which is martyrdom. Surprisingly, the status of martyrs in Islam is higher than that of Ghazi.
The materialistic world teaches this, and we have become accustomed to it. Before comparing something, I judge and analyze it with equations. We have no problem seeing the side that has more military power and international liaison win. There are two main reasons for our idea –

A. We don’t know our history,

B. We are influenced by materialism, not by the consciousness of Islam.

By the way, it is this mentality that makes us laugh when we see Palestinians throwing bricks and stones against Israeli tanks, cannons and sophisticated weapons; Let’s compare the world champion wrestler with the fight of an ignorant child. But as Muslims we should have been more careful.

Apart from that, as you said, a peace agreement or a ceasefire agreement was made, then what? Who will guarantee that Israel will not attack again after ten years? What is the guarantee that the land of the Palestinians will not be occupied, little by little, that will not be uprooted internally? These are very normal in case of ceasefire. This has been happening for so many days. Yasser Arafat has made his own peace deal with the peace agreement, what has the Palestinians gained? They used to be tortured before, they were evicted from their land, it is still happening.

On the other hand, what will happen if there is no ceasefire? One by one the Palestinians will die, maybe after all are killed the land of Palestine will one day belong to the foreign Jews. Even if there is a ceasefire, it will be the same, only for a few days. Is it better to live like a lion one day? Isn’t it better to die once than to die a thousand times like a coward?

Besides, there are two obvious benefits to getting out of the war –

A. Conscientious people all over the world will know who was right and who was wrong

B. Trying to fight

The comfort of learning. Otherwise, the mental anguish of being evicted from one’s own country without any effort will haunt him for the rest of his life.

If you notice a little, you will see how much people regret if they die without treatment even though they know that death is inevitable. This emotional pain often becomes fatal. Some say their international relations are not good because of Hamas’s uncompromising attitude. At least with the Muslim world. Here too I disagree. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But is his responsibility only Hamas? Not in the Muslim world. The message of humanity is only against the weak; There is no humanity when it goes against the powerful. And if there is a crime against Muslims, then there is no question of humanity. Because Muslims are not human beings.

If you look at the role of the Western world, you will understand that the position of Hamas will be in the interest of the Palestinians. What has Fatah been able to do with the recognition of the Western world? The Western world does not even seem to care about the Palestinian issue. They know that al-Fatah is a snake without teeth. Nothing will happen. One day or another, they will defeat this snake. Just waiting for the elimination of Hamas. Then it will not take a week for Israel to wipe out al-Fatah. Everyone will be wiped out before the peace agreement and the ceasefire agreement. No one will survive to speak like that.

Anyway. Hamas has several achievements in this war. While the death of the Palestinians with open eyes moves us, we should also analyze the positive aspects. As many as 56,000 American troops were killed in the Vietnam War. Where more than a million Vietnamese die. But Vietnam won the war. Although the Taliban suffered more casualties in the Afghan-Russian war than the Russians, the Taliban won the war. The same goes for our liberation war. Although our losses are high, we have won. To understand who has won the war rather than the loss in the war, one has to see whose purpose has been achieved. The Taliban now control about 50% of Afghanistan. America will take over the rest as soon as it leaves. As a result, no matter how much America says they have won, it is the Taliban who have won. Because they could not remove from power.

It is safe to say that Hamas has made significant gains in this war, which seems to be commendable. Such as –

Iron Dome was seen playing a little. If too many rockets or missiles are fired at once, the dome cannot be properly detected. About 70% of Hamas’s 3,000-plus rockets have been detected. This weakness of the Iron Dome became known, and everyone knew about the star of Hamas technology.
For so long the exclusive Western narrative people have been swallowing gograss. CNN, New York Times, Guardian, Reuters, etc. Al Jazeera, TRT, Anadelu Agency have made everyone completely naked. As a result, although the name of Israel was not mentioned in the beginning, now almost all the western media is mentioning the name of Israel. After the media lost the war, Israel demolished the Al Jazeera building. Without the AP, he probably wouldn’t have hesitated to kill the Al Jazeera team.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but Mahmoud Abbas is not very important in this war. Joe Biden calls Mahmoud Abbas, but he knows he can’t stop the war. The importance of Hamas has increased in Palestine, Muslim and non-Muslim states, and will continue to do so in the future.

Most of the world leaders including Palestine, Irish MP, Austrian MP, Mark Rafalo, Imran Khan, Khomeini, Erdogan, Sheikh Hasina were in favor of this war. There have been small or large rallies in almost all countries, including London, the United States, Germany, Paris, Turkey, and Qatar. In addition to increasing the acceptance of Palestine and Hamas, it will also play a role in motivating the fighters. The project that the West has undertaken to make Hamas a terrorist group has fallen on deaf ears. The whole world has seen who the terrorists really are.

The biggest achievement is that every Muslim world, including Hamas, has seen who are the friends and who are the enemies of the Muslims. Those who incite the killing of innocent children by uttering the words of humanity. Every state must be seen through the eyes of the Palestinians. Those they call good are good and those they call bad are bad. That is how the relationship will be restructured.
And from now on, maybe Muslim children will want to be as brave as Palestinian children. Maybe this Palestinian issue can unite Muslims around the world.

Israel did not conduct ground operations in Gaza or Lebanon, which could have been the wrong game for them. They retreated with the courage of the Al Qassam Brigade in Israel’s last ground attack on Gaza. As a result, Israel no longer wants to risk fighting Hezbollah in the summer. Moreover, recent missiles fired from Syria have penetrated deep into Israel, reaching very close to Israel’s nuclear plant. Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ which fails to close. In addition, both Iran and Turkey have more advanced missiles, which I do not expect Israel will ever be able to stop. The days of war are long gone. Iran has developed long-range surface-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. There are many messages in the initiative to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Israeli investment in Ethiopia’s water control dams at the source of the Nile is a life-and-death issue for Egypt’s economy. Many Jews in Israel believe that the lost ark of the Prophet Moses could be found in Ethiopia. ‘Renaissance Dam’ on the Nile River in Ethiopia

The launch initiative has encouraged Egypt to come to terms with major regional powers, such as Turkey, outside of Israel. It has changed the geopolitical game in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Of particular note is Erdogan’s phone call to the Saudi king. The visit of the Emir of Qatar, the Foreign Minister of Turkey and the Prime Minister of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia is also significant. Erdogan has spoken to “21” heads of state about the Israeli aggression in Gaza. He is playing in the field of diplomacy, and Iran’s job is probably to strengthen the resistance. Israel’s deep-seated Islamic Jihad missile strike has left a black mark under Netanyahu’s eyes. He has sent a message to Washington to take steps to end the war.

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar – any level of agreement between these countries could change the Middle East reckoning. The reality is that Israel is as big as a tiger. The limitations of the country’s technological advancement are becoming apparent in the conflict with forces such as Hamas or Hezbollah. Thinking outside of US military, economic and political support, Israel’s power is as narrow as its territorial integrity. Without it, Israel is portrayed as invincible or irresistible. They are a country of great fear. Only a good range of missiles can stop Israel.

Here are some of the reasons why Israel will not remain in power for more than 20 years.
The first reason is:
Of the current “93” million people in Israel, “95” percent of Israel’s “54” million Jews are now citizens of another country at the same time. Many of them are moving to alternative shelters thinking of the country’s insecurity.

The second reason is:
The country’s internal civil solidarity has also become so fragile that it is not possible to form a government even after four elections. The Jewish people of mixed culture are more loyal to the leaders of their country of origin. His reflection can be seen in his support for political parties. At one time the piety of the Jews was taken seriously. Now Israelis are flocking to the global centers of the sex trade. That is why Henry Kissinger, Khamenei of Iran, or the former Shin Beit chief, also said that he did not think the state of Israel would exist in the near future. Some see demographics and ideology behind it, some see international politics and some see Divine.

The third reason is:
It doesn’t look like it will take long for the state of Israel to decay from the inside. Despite the blind support of the highly trained armed forces, the US government and the Rothschild family for Israel, it will suddenly begin to pull the strings to expand its dominance at some point. The Russians are likely to support the Muslims this time. China’s message also hints at it. Some have even hinted that Muslims will receive support from orthodox Orthodox Christians in the Middle East this time around. According to their beliefs, Jesus was killed by the Jews. Aspir-ospar may not be something right now, but the decay has begun inside and outside Israel.

The most important reasons are:
Hamas has done what it has not been able to achieve in statement after statement in recent years by uniting on hatred. It has frightened Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank and even the Arab community in Israel to such an extent that everyone’s anger against the state of Israel has gathered. Israel is already divided, divided by political strife, instability and strife, “wrote a column in Israel’s right-wing Jerusalem Post, TZVI JOFFRE. “Israel has won the war, Hamas has won the war,” he said in an article. The assessment is, ‘In fact, no one knows the reality of Palestine as good as Hamas. When he woke up to the sound of the bomb and saw that he did not have a home, or a beloved wife, and children, then the fatwa issued in the AC room could not give any consolation. Giving false assurances of a ceasefire agreement to those who spend every moment of their lives in anxiety, pain and loss of relatives is just a deception. For those who are being oppressed at every moment, those who are being prevented from praying, those who have no guarantee of livelihood, the value of freedom is more than the value of life.

In the end, those of us who care about the interests of the Palestinians support Fatah’s activities instead of Hamas’s or Fatah’s. But they forget that the Palestinians themselves want Hamas. It is not unreasonable for the Palestinians to demand that they “understand themselves well.”

All in all, I think Hamas is right now on the Palestinian issue. Humility-humility-forgiveness is undoubtedly a good quality. But not on the field of jihad. There is nothing but these weaknesses. One can learn by watching the Taliban. Despite hundreds of adversities, they are in power today. Sacrifice, they did not give less. Even after that he did not deviate from the norm. It is not bad for Hamas to learn from them.

Author: Shahid Kamrul, Former University Teacher, Writer, Columnist and Reciter, Researcher at Fry University, Berlin, Germany.