June 18, 2021


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Teacher killed by hook of train in Sundarganj

A retired teacher from Sundarganj in Gaibandha was walking out of the house in the Jamtali area of ​​Bamandanga. He died tragically when an iron hook in front of a slow-moving train hit him in the abdomen while he was crossing the rail gate. The train hooked the body again and dragged him to the Bamandanga railway station platform, one kilometer away. The incident happened on Thursday.

The deceased was identified as Abdur Rahman, 63, a retired assistant principal of the local Manmohan High School, in Dakshin Sahabaj village of Bamandanga union in Sundarganj. His father’s name was Tofazzal Hossain. He retired in 2011.

Witnesses said Abdur Rahman was returning home after drinking tea in Sahabaz area in the morning. Later, while crossing the road in Shahbaz Jamtali area, the hook in front of the Lalmonirhat-bound Lalmonirhat Express train leaving from Dhaka got into his stomach and he died on the spot. In this way, the train took the body to Bamandanga station by hooking up about one kilometer from that area. After the train stopped there, the matter came to the notice of the employees and passengers on duty of the railway.

According to family sources, the veteran teacher had been suffering from mental problems for some time. He did not talk to anyone.

Bamandanga Railway Station Master Amjad Hossain admitted the incident and said the body of the slain teacher had been handed over to his family.

Authorities have scrapped masks to encourage South Koreans to get vaccinated and encourage newcomers. Those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus for the first time do not need to wear a mask. And those who are new to vaccination, there is no strictness in wearing a mask. The South Korean government made the announcement at a daily interconnected response meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting also announced plans to lift the ban on direct family members receiving doses of the first Kavid ticker. The South Korean government has started its ‘two-dose’ vaccination since last February. It will be conducted like a lot of campaigns to make the country infection free by next November.

Those who have already taken the first dose of the Kavid vaccine can go out without a mask. They are being exempted from restrictions and restrictions on all facilities, including religious ones. The country’s prime minister, Kim Bu-kyum, has said health authorities plan to completely revise the government’s antivirus measures by the end of September. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of people will receive their first dose. “We must relax the rules for wearing internal masks when moving together to achieve infection-free movement,” he added.