June 20, 2021


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‘Panchkahniya residents are restless due to the torture of the cyclists

Terrorists of the opposition ‘Cycle Force’ have tried to kill a teenager named Durjoy Hasan (20) with a local weapon on the occasion of a dispute over a football game in Itna, a remote haor upazila of Kishoreganj. He suffered serious injuries to the right side of his head and the elbow of his left hand. The incident took place on Friday (May 21) at Dakshin Para in Panchkahaniya village of Itna’s Baribari union.

Durjoy, who was seriously injured in the incident, is now undergoing treatment at Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital in Kishoreganj. Besides, Reju Miao (21) is undergoing treatment at the hospital. A case has been filed at Itna Model Police Station accusing 18 people including bicycles in the incident. However, a week after the incident, the police could not arrest any accused. On the other hand, a case has also been filed in the police station on behalf of the cyclists.

Saikul Islam, the son of the late Abdus Salam of Panchkahaniya village, is known as the chief of the force. There are many allegations against him in the area. The terrorists of that force led by Saikul have been active in various misdeeds for a long time. When they are beating, attacking, torturing, forcibly occupying government and privately owned land, obstructing government work, they are committing various crimes. The force also obstructed the construction of crop protection dams in the haor during the Gelo Boro season.

Durjoy Hasan, a teenager, was seriously injured in the attack

It is learned that the members of the cycling force include Shabikul Islam, Rafiqul Islam, Farzul Mia, Barju Mia, Nazrul Islam, Milon Mia, Mikail Mia, Rafiqul Mia and others.

It is learned that last Friday (May 21), a group of teenagers and youths including Durjoy and Reju were playing football in an abandoned land after harvesting Boro. At that time, due to a family dispute, the terrorists carried out the attack with local weapons on the instructions of the bicycle. According to the statement of Durjoy’s assassination attempt, the terrorists attacked Durjoy with the intention of killing him with domestic weapons. The miscreants hit the elbow and head of Durjay’s left hand with Ram Da and inflicted severe injuries. Reju Mia was also injured while trying to save Durjoy. He was rushed to Kishoreganj Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College Hospital in critical condition.

According to the locals, the members of this force have been fighting in the area for a long time. Their main job is to occupy other people’s land. Their main tool is muscle power. The members of this force are so violent in nature that the helpless locals do not dare to open their mouths in front of them. As soon as anyone protested, cruel torture came down on him.

It is alleged that Saikul Islam and his forces have been occupying Raihan Ahmed Paltu’s shop and his brothers’ house in Panchkahnia Bazar for several years. But the affected family is not able to open their mouth for fear of their lives. The cyclists also occupied the government land next to the occupied shop. The wall in that place has increased the perimeter of the shop occupied by bicycles.

When asked about this, Farid Miah, Raihan’s brother, simply said, “My brother Raihan’s shop and our house have been forcibly occupied by Saikul and his terrorist forces for a long time.” He wants the administration to intervene in the rescue of shops and homes.

It is learned that Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq, MP of Kishoreganj-4 constituency, built a crop protection dam at the local forest haor on December 16 (2020) during the last boro harvesting season. Countless farmers then allowed the dam to be built on their land, but Saikul blocked the construction of the dam on his land.

Paubo sources said that even though the entire dam could be completed, part of the bicycle land had to be left vacant. According to the locals, Saikul cultivates paddy in that land. This time, if there was untimely (advance) flood, the crops of the whole haor would have been damaged due to the cyclone.

An unnamed local farmer told Kaler Kanth, “An influential local leader is sheltering behind the terrorist force that Saikul has formed.” And most of the terrorists of Saikul and his forces used to do BNP politics. After the change of power, now the Awami League is carrying out terror in the shelter of that leader. People all over the union know that.

Fallon Mia, president of Awami League, Ward No. 3 of Baribari Union, said, ‘The locals are uneasy about the torture of Saikul Gang. Every day they are arguing with someone. This force is also obstructed in government development work.

Julhas Mia, general secretary of the Awami League in the same ward, said, “Saikul and his followers have built a wall by occupying the government road. Although everyone gave land for the construction of Haor Raksha Dam this year, Saikul did not give land. Although the work of the dam was started on both sides of the land of the bicycle, the work of the whole dam has stopped due to the threat of the bicycle.

Despite repeated attempts to speak on his personal mobile phone to find out about the allegations and terrorist activities of the locals against the army chief Saikul Islam, his phone was found switched off.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Itna Police Station Morshed Zaman told Kaler Kanth in this regard that various allegations against the cyclists are coming to his ears. However, none of the victims have lodged specific complaints.

He said there was a fight between the two sides last Friday. People on both sides were more or less injured. Both sides have filed a case against the opponent at the police station. So far no accused has been arrested. However, the operation is going on.