June 20, 2021


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He gave Azan of Masjidul Haram for more than 45 years


Shaykh Ali Ahmad Mollah has been performing the call to prayer in the Holy Mosque of Makkah for almost five decades. He is one of the most famous and old muezzins of Masjidul Haram. The melodious melody of his azan is very familiar to the pilgrims of the last 50 years.

After the death of his cousin Sheikh Abdul Malik Mollah, he was appointed the chief muezzin of the Masjidul Haram. Many called him Bilal al-Haram, the first muezzin of Islam, Bilal al-Haram, after he had given the call to prayer in a melodious voice for a long time in the precincts of the Kaaba.

Sheikh Ali Ahmad Mollah was born in 1945 in an aristocratic family in Mecca. Giving azan in the Masjidul Haram is one of the traditions of this family. His grandfather Ali Abdur Rahman Mollah, father, uncle Abdur Rahman Mollah, cousins ​​Abdul Latif, Abdullah and Shaykh Abdul Malik, grandfather Abdullah Khawaz, his uncle Abdul Hafiz Khawaz, cousin Tawfiq Bai served as muezzin in Masjidul Haram.

The ancestors of Shaykh Ali Ahmad Mollah have given Azan in the Masjidul Haram for generations.

As a child, Shaykh Ali Mollah started his primary education with Shaykh Ashur inside the Masjidul Haram. He graduated from the Institute of Technical Education in Riyadh in 1981.

Prior to graduation, Abdullah Ibn al-Zubayr taught at the Intermediate School. In 1984, Shaykh Ali Mollah was officially appointed as the Muazzin of the Masjidul Haram. Besides giving azan in the mosque, he also looks after his own business.

Shaykh Ali Mollah started practicing Azan at the age of 13 at Bab Al Ziadah in the Holy Mosque. He was then appointed as the muezzin of Abu al-Mahakamar. He later served as the muezzin of the entire Masjid al-Haram.

Originally, he started giving Azan before he started using loudspeakers in Masjidul Haram. Then the muezzins would start giving Azan from the seven minarets of the Masjidul Haram. The chief muezzin started the call to prayer from ‘Al Makam Al Shafi’i’ next to the Zamzam well. Others would repeat it. This tradition of Azan started during the Ottoman rule. This rule is still in force in present day Turkey.

During the siege of the Masjid al-Haram in 1969, he observed that the call to prayer remained closed for 23 days. After lifting the siege, he was the first to call for Maghrib. At that time King Khaled attended the prayers of Masjidul Haram.

The audio and video of the Friday Azan on February 8, 1996 (29 Ramadan 1416 AH) was given to the readers on Shaykh Ali Mollah’s Instagram.