June 20, 2021


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The tidal wave of the Sundarbans is five to seven feet high, with the most endangered Chitral deer

Chitral deer in the Sundarbans are in greater danger due to cyclone Yas. More deer are thought to have died this time around than in recent storms. Due to the impact of the storm, tidal water has flowed over this mangrove forest at higher altitudes. Which rises from five to seven feet. As a result, various species of wild animals, including deer, lost their shelter and became endangered. Of these, the female deer Chitral is in more crisis.

In the last two days, two live and four dead deer have been rescued from the locality. All of whom are female deer. These deer float in different areas adjacent to the forest due to the flood waters. The forest department and various organizations engaged in forest protection are fearing more severe loss of life of deer and other wildlife in the Sundarbans due to the tidal wave.

On the other hand, the storm has caused severe damage to infrastructure, roads, watercraft and plants in the eastern Sundarbans. Initially, the damage in Sharankhola and Chandpai ranges has been fixed at Tk 60 lakh, Forest Department sources said.

Sharankhola Range Assistant Forest Conservator (ACF) said. Joynal Abedin said that due to the impact of cyclone Yas, the tidal water rose up to five feet and somewhere up to seven feet in the Sundarbans. Wild animals, including deer, are swept away in the water. So far, four dead and two live deer have been rescued.

The ACF said locals rescued a dead deer from the Chal Rayenda area near the Baleshwar river in Sharankhola Upazila on Thursday (May 26th) morning. Besides, two live deer were recovered from Ulubaria of Betmore union and Golbunia village of Amragachhia union in the adjoining Mathbaria upazila. Two dead deer were recovered from Dubla and Kachikhali in the Sundarbans at noon on Wednesday and one from the Baleshwar river in Rajeshwar village of Sharankhola upazila in the afternoon. All the rescued deer, living and dead, are female deer. And all are pregnant. The living deer were released into the forest and the dead were buried.

ACF Joynal Abedin said a preliminary report of damage of two rest houses, two forest offices, a barrack, a foot trail, 10 jetties, 15 roads, four freshwater ponds, a vessel and plant damage of Rs 3 million had been issued in the storm. However, if the situation is normal, a full report of the damage will be prepared by visiting different areas of the forest.

Sundarbans Co-Management Committee (CMC) Sharankhola vice president M Wadud Akon and wild team field officer. Alam Hawladar said the tidal wave in the Sundarbans has been higher this time than last year’s Amphan and a few previous storms. Due to which more deer have died. Moreover, other wildlife in the forest is also feared to have died.

Muhammad Belayet Hossain, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the Sundarbans East Division, said more wildlife could die in the storm. An initial loss of Tk 60 lakh has been calculated for the Sharankhola and Chandpai ranges. Besides, all the forest rangers have been instructed to assess the damage to the forest plants and wildlife under all the concerned offices.