June 19, 2021


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Housewife cruelty, burn marks all over Amena’s body

Amena Khatun (11) was given a job at the house of her childhood friend Shyamoli by her needy mother Aklima Begum a year ago. Shyamoli told Aklima that Amena would take care of her little girl at her home in Dhaka. It will not be so hard. And will be given to eat well. The needy Aklima also gave Amena to her girlfriend’s house to ensure her daughter’s well-dressed and well-being. But when he returned a year later, he found only scars all over his body. Burns and bruises all over the body including hands, feet, neck and back.

The child is now undergoing treatment at Jessore General Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on the night of May 25. However, the incident was announced on Thursday afternoon. Amena is the daughter of late Nur Islam of Vaina Rajapur village in Fatehpur union of Jessore Sadar upazila.

He went to the hospital at noon and talked to Amena, a child victim of inhuman torture. Amena says, ‘I used to work at the house of my mother friend Shyamoli Aunty in Dhaka. They would not eat properly. Shyamoli Aunty used to scold him for stealing food. Bread was beaten with a balloon. He would put a hot spoon in his throat. He also hit with a rod. Shyamoli Aunty and Badal Uncle both used to beat. But Shyamli Aunty used to hit more. One day they even threatened to slap me in the face with a knife. ‘

Aklima, the mother of Shishu Amena, said, ‘Shyamoli and I used to go to Bagdanga school together as children. About a year ago, my girlfriend took my daughter to her house in Dhaka to take care of her little girl. She talks about my daughter being well, eating.

He said Amena’s father had died long ago. I also got married elsewhere. The girl lived with her grandmother. Lack of family. So I thought the girl would be fine with her girlfriend. After her grandmother brought her from Dhaka, I saw my daughter’s condition. Then I admitted him to the hospital.

When contacted on his mobile phone, Badal denied the allegations and said, “We did not torture him. We were attacked by Kavid. At that time I used to take a bath with hot water. When he went to get that hot water, he got burnt 20/25 days ago. ‘

Jessore Medical College Assistant Professor Ajay Kumar Sarkar said the girl had burns on various parts of her body. He also spoke of chest pain. But the baby is safe now.