June 18, 2021


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The 10th proposal of the Revolutionary Workers Party in the budget to overcome the Corona crisis

The Revolutionary Workers Party has put forward a 10-point proposal with the next budget in mind to overcome the crisis caused by the Corona situation. The party’s general secretary Saiful Haque in a statement on Thursday called on the government to implement the proposal.

The proposal calls for healthcare, food-employment and agriculture and rural sectors to be given the necessary allocations in the next budget with the highest priority. It said that the public health system should be developed for every citizen of the country considering the health of the people as an asset. The state will have to bear the cost of corona examination and treatment. All the people of the country above the age of 18 should be brought under the corona vaccination program within this year. In addition to rapid vaccine imports, the country needs to take integrated action to produce corona vaccines.

It also said that a minimum of 30 per cent of the development budget should be allocated to ensure the revival and production of agriculture and rural sectors. The government will have to purchase 5 million metric tonnes of paddy directly from farmers at the price fixed by the government. Ensuring financial incentives and assistance to productive enterprises such as agro-based small scale projects, fisheries, dairy and poultry. Entrepreneurs of medium, small and marginal industries should be given incentives. Important industries like footwear should be supported.

The proposal calls for prioritizing the employment of the unemployed and providing financial support to self-employment initiatives. The next six months will be spent on providing food and cash to the low-income working-day laborers and the poor 2.5 crore families who have fallen below the poverty line. The budget should have clear guidelines and allocations to ensure a sustainable mass distribution system for working and low-income people. Revenue expenditure i.e. running the government should be reduced. Imports of luxury goods and state waste must be stopped. Allocations to the unproductive sector, including the military, need to be reduced.

The proposal calls for effective measures to recover black money, undisclosed assets and money smuggled abroad by abolishing the policy of laundering black money. It has been said that the rich and wealthy should be brought under the tax and the revenue should be increased by imposing increased taxes on them. The increase in unaccountable expenditure on mega projects must be stopped. It is necessary to adopt a policy of strictly controlling the prices of transport, gas, electricity, water, house rent and other necessities. In addition, it has been proposed to take steps to stop the violence of middlemen and market syndicates at all levels.

The statement called on the government to address the multi-faceted impact of the Corona epidemic on the national economy, family and social life, protect the people and ensure a humane economic life for the marginalized people below the poverty line.