August 4, 2021


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The house was also washed away

Ahidul used to work in a fishing boat. At the end of the month he gets a salary of twelve thousand rupees, with which the expenses of the family are deducted. He has nothing extra to say about land. He himself is the head of a family of six members with three children, a wife and an elderly mother.

There was a small house outside the Wapda embankment where they lived. Hurricane Yas and the unusual tide of the full moon swept away the last of the house. As a result, they have lost the last refuge of their heads and now they are getting their livelihood by printing paper on the flood control embankment.

A similar picture was seen in the south Charmontaj area of ​​the isolated Charmontaj Union in Rangabali Upazila of Patuakhali on Thursday.

Ahidaul Miah’s wife Rina Begum said, ‘Ahn (now) Amago (us) has come to see what (sir) is coming with polapine. In the tidal water, the rice dugga of the house is also floating. There is no place for me to stay in the middle of the house. Not even Lakri and Randhuinna Chulada. ‘

He also took shelter in the embankment with the family of five members of Kawsar Mollah, another settlement on the east side of Ahidul Mia Chapra’s house. Another settlement on the west side is called Russell Mollah. Motorcyclist by profession. Wapda is on the streets after losing everything. This is how many families are living in polythene camps.

The UP chairman of the union, Abu Hanif Mia, said the water had entered the two villages on the first day, breaking the Nayarchar and Charbestin dams. The water also entered on the second day. And because the broken dam of the undercharge was not repaired, the char was flooded for two days.

He said he had heard that several families in South Charmontaj had taken refuge in the embankment. I will inspect and take necessary measures.

Meanwhile, according to the Upazila Project Implementation Officer’s Office, 2,340 houses in Rangabali, Chhota Baishadia, Chalitabunia, Charmontaj, Barabaishadia and Maudubi Unions have been damaged in the last two days. Of these, 110 have been completely damaged. Five thousand 510 meters of flood control embankment has been damaged by the tide. The worst affected areas are Chalitabunia, Charmontaj and Chhota Baishadia.

PIO Humayun Kabir, Upazila Project Implementation Officer and Member Secretary of the Disaster Management Committee, said a list of damages has already been sent. Allocations will actually be taken on a priority basis according to the loss.

Upazila Executive Officer. Mashfaqur Rahman said more than 15 villages were inundated by the second day’s tide. As a result, 40,000 people have been stranded. For those of them who could not cook at noon, dry meals have been arranged through the chairmen.

Regarding the embankment reform, he said, “I will take necessary steps to talk to the Water Development Board about the repair of the broken embankment.” In addition, necessary measures will be taken for the families of the houses destroyed in the tidal waters.