June 20, 2021


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Tengragiri forest devastated by the tidal wave and good evening Zhaoban

Wide body of water on the shores of the Bay of Bengal Good evening beach. The green swaying swayed with the rustling sound of the wind. This view of the green equation of the sandy long beach Zhaoban seems to be an example of love of nature. Standing here is a beautiful view of the sunset. This is why this beach is named Good Evening.

This auspicious beach is located at Nalbunia Char in the Nishanbaria Union, rising from the Bay of Bengal on the west side of Taltoli Upazila in the coastal district of Barguna. Good evening Zhaoban is an integral part of the Tengragiri forest, the second largest mangrove forest in the country. Due to the impact of cyclone Yas, the 50-foot-wide and 3-kilometer-long Zhaoban has collapsed. Due to the tidal wave caused by the recent cyclone Yas, the beauty of the place has now lost its beauty and disappeared underground.

Throughout the year, nature lovers from different parts of the country used to come to see this beach. Tourist centers are closed due to ongoing coronavirus and lockdown. The sea was as dear to the tourists as the forest was to Zhaoban. The beauty of the coast used to be hidden inside that Zhaoban, that Zhaoban is no more. Due to the tidal wave caused by cyclone Yas, the Zhaoban has been destroyed.

According to a source in the Taltoli Forest Department, the cyclone that has been raging since the beginning of planting saplings on the beach in the evening has damaged about 25,000 saplings. And last year, about 3,000 people drowned in the sea due to cyclone Amphan. After Amphan, cyclone Yas caused extensive damage to Tengragiri and Shubhasandha Zhaoban. In the meantime, along with the palm trees, the main paved road to the beach and several electricity poles have been found lying on the beach.

According to the locals, the biggest Jochna festival of the subcontinent is held on the beach every evening. Millions of people gathered around the festival. Moreover, thousands of tourists used to come here every day by sea and road to enjoy the natural beauty. The main attraction of this beach was the huge Zhaoban. But every year, due to various natural disasters and tidal surges, the forest is on the verge of disappearing.

They further said that the respiratory mangrove forests of Tengragiri and Shubhasandhar Zhaoban have protected the coastal people by dealing with major natural calamities including cyclone Sidr, Ayla, Nargis and Amphan. These forests have also served as a charm to protect the lives and resources of the people in the coastal areas. And under the influence of Yas, that protective charm has become random. Without this forest, it would not have been possible to save the coast.

Nishanbaria Union Chairman. Dulal Faraji said that in every natural calamity, Tengragiri forest and good evening Zhaoban serve as a charm to protect the life and resources of this coastal area.

Taltoli Forest Department Range Officer. Moniruzzaman said Tengragiri forest and Good Evening Zhaoban have been severely damaged due to cyclone Yas and rising sea levels. Good evening with water, about one and a half kilometers across the beach has broken and disappeared into the sea. Approximately more than 6,000 palm trees have been washed away.