June 20, 2021


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With the consent of the mother, the daughter was repeatedly raped and killed by the chairman, the father alleged

The teenager became pregnant after being repeatedly raped by the chairman. To cover up the incident, the teenager along with her elder brother Awami League leader and three others went to get an abortion after taking Kabiraj’s medicine. The father of the slain girl filed a complaint with the Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal 10 days after the incident.

Last Tuesday, the court took cognizance of the application and directed the police station to register an FIR and submit a report within the next seven working days. Such an incident took place in Uchakhila area of ​​Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh.

The family members of the chairman held a press conference at the local Uchakhila Union Parishad on Thursday morning. In the absence of the accused chairman, nephew Naib Jahan Moni read out a written statement on his behalf at the conference.

In his speech, he said that some of the contestants in the upcoming elections have filed a false case. They are also preparing to file a defamation suit with legal action on behalf of the family. They also claimed that the teenager had died of ischemic stroke due to the spread of tuberculosis germs in the blood vessels of the brain.

According to local sources and the RG of the case filed in the court, the victim’s family lives in an abandoned building called Seedstore of the Agriculture Department near Uchakhila Bazar in Uchakhila Union of Ishwarganj Upazila in Mymensingh. Next door is the house of Manjurul Haque Manju Miah, elder brother of local UP chairman Shafiqul Islam Shafiq. On the other hand, Shafiqul Islam lives in Mymensingh district town but has a one-room house next to his brother’s house and next to the girl’s house.

When the girl fell ill on May 9, she was admitted to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. When his condition deteriorated there, he was taken to a hospital in Dhaka. The teenager died two days later while undergoing treatment there. Since then, there have been many rumors about the incident.

The father of the slain girl filed a case with Mymensingh District Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal Judge Rafizul Islam on May 23 seeking justice. The court took cognizance of the case on Tuesday and directed the OC of Ishwarganj Police Station to register the case with an FIR.

Mentioned in the case, the chairman of the Uchakhila Union Parishad. Shafiqul Islam Shafiq repeatedly raped the girl by showing her the temptation of marriage. The girl’s father also mentioned in the case that the girl’s mother had consented to the incident. The girl became pregnant. When the chairman got into trouble, his family members including his elder brother Monju Mia called Kabiraj and tried to get an abortion by taking medicine. The mother of the teenager was also with him at that time. When the girl fell ill, she was taken to the hospital.

Accused chairman Shafiqul Islam said, “I don’t know anything about this.” The opposition is carrying out such activities ahead of the elections.

Chairman’s elder brother Manjurul Haque Manju said the girl and her sister-in-law lived near his house. The teenager had been suffering from headaches for the past several days. It was not going well even after many treatments. He often vomited due to headache. In this condition he was sent to the district town for better treatment and from there he was sent to Dhaka where he died.

Meanwhile, the mother of the slain girl said that she had divorced her husband in 2016. After that he has no contact with the family. Besides, his daughter died due to head problems. There are no other incidents here.

Ishwarganj Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdul Quader Mia said he had not yet received any court order in the matter.