June 20, 2021


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Imamate in Fajr after bathing in the blood of the house is wrong twice in Friday prayers

Azhar was living with his wife and children in Yusuf Gazi’s house No. 39 in Madhubag area of ​​Dakshin Khan. His wife had a relationship with the Imam from the time of coming and going home. This relationship lasted for at least a year. Azhar also moved five months ago after realizing the matter. Imam and Azhar’s wife also met 20 days ago.

On learning of the matter, Azhar moved with his wife and children to his home in Kalihati, Tangail. He then called the Imam from Kalihati and asked him about the relationship between them, but he refused. The imam asked Azhar to come to the mosque to talk about the matter. According to him, Azhar went missing after coming to the Sardarbari Mosque in Dakshinkhan on May 19 to meet the Imam.

Abdur Rahman was arrested from Madrasatur Rahman Al Arabiya in the south at one stage of the investigation into the incident. Azhar’s body was later recovered from the septic tank of Sardarbari Jame Mosque on the basis of information provided by him.

Dakshin Khan Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Azizul Haque Mia said that a lot of information has been found about the affair.

At a press conference at the RAB’s media center at Karwan Bazar in the capital yesterday afternoon, the director (CO) of RAB-1, Lt. Col., gave various information about the shocking murder. Colonel Abdul Muttakim. He said that during interrogation in the custody of RAB, Imam Abdur Rahman confessed to killing Azhar. Imam Rahman said in the interrogation of the RAB that Azhar was alleging that the Imam had a grudge against his wife. He killed Azhar in a quarrel. However, the imam denied having any relationship with Azhar’s wife.

Abdul Muttakim said that in the preliminary investigation, the RAB found out that Imam Maulana Abdur Rahman had a grudge against the wife of Azhar, a resident of Dakshin Khan. After learning about the matter, Azhar went to the mosque to forbid the Imam and was killed. The imam carried out the whole murder in his bedroom in the mosque. Despite the killings, the imam remained in his room in the mosque. He also leads the regular prayers.

Azhar had been missing since he went to the Imam’s room at the Sardarbari Jame Mosque on the night of May 19 after his wife was accused of insulting him. Based on the family’s complaint, the law enforcement started an investigation. At one stage, the RAB got information about blood stains on the stairs of the mosque and bad smell coming from the septic tank. When Imam was arrested and interrogated yesterday morning, the murder came out.

When I went to the area around noon yesterday, I saw a crowd of locals including local worshipers in front of Sardarbari Jame Mosque. One side of the two-storey mosque is locked. The other side is open for prayers. Six pieces of Azhar’s body were recovered from inside the water tank of Ojukhana on the ground floor. Md. Present there. A rabbi named Mostafa said that the stench was found in the mosque in the morning. The whispering started with this. At one stage, knowing this, the police and RAB came and recovered six pieces of bodies. Later, the RAB arrested the master and took him away. Another worshiper, Rifat, said: “We do not know exactly when Azhar was killed. However, after the murder, it seems that Imam Sahib left the body inside the mosque and led our prayers. ‘

It was informed at the press conference that Rahman had been leaving the room where he used to stay in the mosque without fleeing after the incident and was leading the prayers for six days as usual from a room of the nearby madrasa.

Citing locals, RAB-1 captain Mottakim said Abdur Rahman led the Fajr prayers as usual by wiping the blood from the house and taking a bath himself. One day after the incident, he went to the Friday prayers twice and made a mistake and looked a bit unusual, locals said.