June 19, 2021


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Bangladeshi girl sexually abused, The father thinks the daughter’s father-in-law’s house

After hearing the news, there is no sleep in the eyes. I am waiting to get the girl back. Her accomplices kidnapped my daughter and trafficked her abroad. Heard, Hridoy and his accomplices have been arrested in India. I want exemplary punishment for them. ‘

The words were said by the father of a young woman who was sexually abused after being trafficked to India. The reporter spoke to him on the spot in the capital’s Maghbazar on Friday afternoon. The girl’s father lamented, ‘I have three children. I married the girl by selling sherbet in the streets. The son-in-law lives abroad. I thought the girl was at her father-in-law’s house in Chandpur. Now the sky is falling on my head when I find out about the trafficking of my daughter. ‘

Anxious about the child, the father said, “He has a three-year-old daughter. When the son-in-law went to Kuwait three and a half years ago, the girl used to come to Dhaka occasionally. His life was going well. I haven’t seen my daughter for almost a year. A year and a half ago, I forbade the girl to go to Dubai through the heart of her husband’s friend in Maghbazar. But I insisted on pointing out my shortcomings and later agreed. I heard that other criminals including the kidnapping heart of my daughter have been arrested in India. However, the news of the girl has not been received yet. I request the Prime Minister to get the girl back. ‘

Meanwhile, Bangalore police in India have arrested six people for sexually abusing a Bangladeshi girl in India. Earlier, the Assam Police had announced a reward for information about the five with pictures of them. Two of them were shot while fleeing yesterday morning.

It has been found out that the girl was smuggled from Bangladesh to India and sold in a sex village. Earlier, Rifadul Islam Hridoy alias Tiktak Hridoy of Dhaka’s Maghbazar had a love affair with the girl.

The victim’s father has filed a case with the Hatirjheel Police Station under the Human Trafficking and Pornography Control Act. Hridoy and four other unidentified persons were made accused in the case. “About a year ago, my daughter was abducted and trafficked abroad and sexually abused,” the statement said. The video of the torture has been released on social media.

Hatirjheel Police Station OC Abdur Rashid said, “We have learned from various local and foreign media that some people, including the accused Hridoy, have been arrested in India.”

According to the police, the woman was identified with a tickling heart through social media. Hridoy smuggled her to India illegally with a good salary and various temptations and sold her to a sex village.

Who is this tickling heart: It was found out after searching in Magbazar and Hatirjheel area yesterday, the name of the tickling heart is Abul Hossain. He used to live with his parents in Nayatola (Boubazar) area. The locals know him as a genius. Before leaving for India, he used to tick the Hatirjheel area with a group. One neighbor said Hridoy had studied up to eighth grade. These talented girls used to tease in the streets. His mother kicked him out of the house four months ago for not doing any work. While he was in the country, a case of robbery preparation was filed against him at Ramna police station in 2014.

Hridoy’s uncle Babul Mia said, “Hridoy has been kicked out of the house because he is talented. We haven’t been able to find him for a long time. I will find out later that he is in India. ‘

Six arrested in India: Meanwhile, six people have been arrested in Bangalore, India in connection with the viral video of the torture of the young woman. Two of them, including Hridoy, were shot and injured while trying to flee, Bangalore police said.

According to an NDTV report, the police took the six arrested persons to the spot around 5 am yesterday to find out what happened to the girl. That’s where the shooting happened.

East Bengal Deputy Commissioner of Police Sharanappa SD was quoted by Indian media as saying that the police opened fire when the two tried to flee the crime scene. NDTV later quoted Bangalore police as saying that the incident took place six days ago. Assam Police took the first step after watching the viral video. Police announced a reward on Twitter for capturing five oppressors by publishing pictures of them from the video.

According to the Hindustan Times, the Assam Police, while searching for the source of the video, came to know that the perpetrators were in Bangalore. They then provided that information to the Karnataka police. Later, Bangalore police arrested six people on the basis of the video.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Tejgaon Division Deputy Commissioner. Shahidullah said they had already learned that six people, including Hriday, had been arrested in India. One of the victims was a resident of Dhaka’s Maghbazar area. However, the incident took place in Kerala, India. The video came to the notice of the police as part of a cyber patrol.