June 20, 2021


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In many cases, the administration is in question

A mobile court has been fined for keeping a goat in the absence of the owner, Nasimanchalak has been detained for harassing a journalist, and a journalist has been detained for harassing a journalist in the secretary’s office. Some officials think that the administration is being questioned. Because of the lack of skill, prudence and tolerance of the administration officials. Although there are laws, there is a kind of negligence in complying with them. The administration is no longer as disciplined as before.

In this regard, former experienced officials say, if the overall reform of the governance department is not brought, there is a danger that these incidents will increase in the future.

Former secretary and economist Muhammad Fawzul Kabir Khan told Kaler Kanth, “No cadre in Bangladesh had any special nobility. These are just words. In our time, two things were important. First of all, I need the job to sustain life. Second, in order to keep the job and get the promotion, people have to serve and follow other rules and regulations. If you do these things, the job is safe and there is no problem in promotion. ‘He said,’ Now that context has changed. Now you don’t have to depend on salary. Most have ‘other’ income. Promotions are given as party, relatives and followers. There are so many allegations against government employees, what is the punishment? In other words, at some stage they get a discount. I can’t even get a job. That is why the situation is deteriorating day by day. ”

Bogra’s Adamdighi Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Seema Sharmin arrested a goat on May 18 for eating flower leaves at the Upazila Parishad premises and fined him Tk 2,000 by conducting a mobile court. The goat is fined in the absence of the owner. Later, the owner of the goat went to UNO and asked him to take the goat with the fine money. Later, there were allegations of selling goats. However, 10 days later, on Thursday, UNO itself deposited the fine in the government treasury and returned the goat to the owner. But the question has arisen as to whether it is legal to impose a fine by setting up a mobile court in the absence of the owner, despite the conventional system. The Secretariat is joking about the matter. The cabinet department is extremely angry.

Ruhul Amin, UNO of Char Fashion in Bhola, recently sparked widespread criticism by arresting a Nasiman driver. On May 3, Nasimon was hit by a UNO vehicle and he first handed the driver Arif over to the police station. When he realized that it was not possible to get full compensation for his damaged car under the existing law, he brought Arif from the police station to a room in his office and kept him locked up and demanded money. UNO quickly released the driver after the matter was reported in the media.

Similarly, UNO in Narayanganj Sadar recently imposed a large fine on a needy old man seeking food assistance based on the information of a UP member. People have come to know the real facts due to the media coverage of this issue. The question also arises as to how a UNO fined a citizen without conducting a mobile court. The Narayanganj district administration has formed an investigation committee into the incident.

Even before this, people have come to know about several more such incidents through the media and social media. During the recent ‘lockdown’, the debate between the magistrates, doctors and the police on Elephant Road in the capital gave rise to widespread criticism.

Sheikh Yusuf Harun, the newly ex-secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, told Kaler Kantha last Thursday, ‘Field administration is a huge organization. Now there are 492 upazilas. I don’t think it would be right to blame the whole administration if there is a problem in one or two of these places. ”

Not just field administration. Lack of tolerance is also being noticed at the highest level of administration. Many junior officials of the administration were also surprised by the recent harassment of a newspaper journalist at the Ministry of Health for about five and a half hours. A senior assistant secretary in the public administration ministry told Kaler Kanth without revealing his name that a journalist can commit a crime, he is also a human being. And not being able to handle such incidents in the secretary’s office is not only a failure, but also an allegation of many big crimes.

Health Secretary Abdul Mannan, who was transferred a few days ago, got involved in a dispute with a local MP in Kishoreganj in February, according to media reports. There have also been clashes and lawsuits over the opening of a community clinic in his area. The concerned officials think that the professional bureaucrats do not allow such incidents to happen. It is not possible to think at the secretary level.

Some leaders and ministers of the ruling Awami League have openly expressed their displeasure over the harassment of journalists by bureaucrats.

Talking to the concerned officials, they said that the administration officials have to have deep insight in working in the field administration. But it turns out that now the administration officials are often the headlines of one or another negative news. Officials of the Cabinet Division and the Ministry of Public Administration are angry over this.

“There was a time when officers were monitored from three places,” an official with a long stint in the field administration of the cabinet told Kaler Kantha. First, from within the administration; Second, officials were wary of the political authorities and, third, of the courts. But now there is no such discipline in the failure of different stages. As a result, these incidents are happening.

According to former secretary Fauzul Kabir Khan, ‘there is no alternative to reform in the overall functioning of government employees. The question is who will do the reform? Those who will

Rai is not right. So there is no medicine to solve this problem. When the plan doesn’t try to get the situation from bad to better, time will tell. We may have no choice but to wait. ”

Asked about the comments, Feroz Mia, a public administration law expert and former additional secretary, told Kaler Kanth, “The law is good. But many officers do not have the tendency to comply with them. It would be a shame if there was such negligence among those who would enforce the law, “he said.