June 18, 2021


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Even before Imam, there were two foreigners and three marriages of Asmar!

Asmar had two foreigners before Maulana Abdur Rahman, the imam of Sardar Bari Jame Mosque in Dakshin Khan of the capital. She is also married to an Imam who has killed her husband (Azhar). Asmar also had three more marriages before her marriage to Azhar.

The victim, Azhar, who was brutally murdered in the southern part of the capital, visited Rajabari village in Elenga municipality of Kalihati upazila in Tangail on Friday (May 26) afternoon and spoke to his family members.

According to family sources, Asma talked to Imam on her mobile phone 61 times for plotting to kill her.

Azharul’s father Julhas Uddin said that everyone among his 5 sons and two daughters loved Azharul very much. He was also very good in studies. Asma was married to Mejo’s son Sahabuddin in December 2015. Two-three months after the marriage, they came to know that Asma was married to a boy in Durgapur union of the same upazila. But two days after the marriage, Asma left her husband’s family. Then Asma ran away and married the husband of the younger sister of the husband. That marriage lasted only one to one and a half months. Asma’s father Ashraf Ali married Asma to his son keeping these things secret. However, after knowing so much after marriage, Julhas Uddin’s family accepted Asma as his son’s wife.

He said that within six months, his wife Asma and his other son Azharul disappeared from the house. Later he found out that Asma had divorced Sahabuddin and married Azharul. From then on, Julhas Uddin and his family members did not keep in touch with them.

Azharul has been admitted to hospital after he suddenly fell ill before Ramadan. Later he went to Dhaka and brought Azharul and Asma to their village home. Azharul was treated at home. After recovering a little, Asma suddenly started pressuring Azharul to go to Dhaka on 16 May. For this reason, Azharul agreed to go to Dhaka the next day, 18 May. Azharul was repeatedly prevented from going to Dhaka by his mother. But at the insistence of Asma, Ahzarul finally left for Dhaka. At that time, Asma also gave 500 rupees to her husband Azharul as car rental.

Azharul’s cousin Md. Hafiz Uddin said Asma was at their house after Azharur left for Dhaka on May 16. The next day, Wednesday (May 19), Azharul’s mobile phone was found switched off. Then Asma moved to Dhaka with her father Ashraf Ali. Two days later, the two returned and Ashraf Ali hurriedly left his daughter at her father-in-law’s house. On May 25, they learned that Azharul’s body had been recovered from a septic tank at the Sardar Bari Jame Mosque in Dakshin Khan. When the family members left for Dhaka by ambulance to get the news, RAB arrested Asma from the road and took her away. Later they came to know that Asma and Imam were involved in this murder.

Azharul’s nephew Lisan Uddin said that he found out through RAB that Asma used to use a mobile phone and the mobile phone was in Azharul’s house. Upon hearing this, the whole family started looking for the mobile phone used to plan the murder. But nowhere to get a mobile phone without batteries and SIM in the forest next to the house. Later they submitted it to the RAB.

He said that the SIM card with which Asma had spoken to Imam has not been recovered yet. Asma Akhter dropped the SIM card as soon as it was confirmed that Azharul had been killed.

The family of the deceased has demanded the execution of Asma and Imam of the mosque Maulana Abdur Rahman involved in Azharul’s murder.