July 31, 2021


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An Indian variant of Corona has been identified in the bodies of 6 people in Chapainawabganj

Suddenly, Chapainawabganj district has become a hotspot for corona. An Indian variant of the corona has been identified in the bodies of six of the victims in the district. However, despite being infected, they are all healthy. Despite being attacked by the Indian variant, none of the seven have recently traveled to India. This information has been confirmed by the government’s pathology, disease control and research institute IEDCR.

The company further said that out of the six people in Chapainawabganj who were identified as Indian type of corona, five were men and two were women. The youngest of five males is 13 years old. One is 30 years old, the other is 21 years old. The other two are 52 years old and 26 years old. One of the two women is 28 years old and the other is 31 years old.

Earlier, on May 8, the first Indian variant of the Corona was identified in Bangladesh. And so far this type has been identified in the bodies of a total of 20 people in the country. This type of corona has changed form several times in India. The World Health Organization has described this type as worrying.

So far, five types of corona virus have been identified in the country. These are: United Kingdom, Brazil, India, South Africa, Nigeria.

Meanwhile, there is not much activity in Rajshahi, a border district of India, to avoid coronary risk. Even after the Indian variant was identified in Chapainawabganj, a lockdown was announced there, but the movement of people is not stopping. In the last few days, thousands of people from Chapainawabganj have taken refuge in Godagari and Rajshahi. As a result, its effect is not increasing rapidly in Rajshahi.

Corona had symptoms, and as expected, veteran actress Sandhya Roy tested positive on Saturday. The veteran actress had been suffering from cold and fever for some time. He was rushed to a Kolkata hospital for treatment on Friday due to shortness of breath. At that time his corona was tested.

Doctors sent Sandhya Roy home after keeping him under the care of doctors for some time yesterday. The 70-year-old actress was advised to stay at home in isolation. After the report came positive, no one wanted to take any risk on behalf of the family. The actress was admitted to Woodlands Hospital on the same day due to her age. She is currently undergoing treatment at the Kavid Ward, according to hospital sources. The physical condition of the veteran actress is stable.

Apart from fever and cold, there are no symptoms of corona in Sandhya Roy’s body at the moment. The taste and smell of the actress is still normal. But Tollywood is worried about Sandhya Roy’s health. Tollywood crews have wished him a speedy recovery.

From black and white, Sandhya Roy has acted in Bengali cinema for 25 long years. He entered the world of silver at the age of 18 only. His first film was The Fruit of the Case (1956). With his outstanding acting technique, he could easily become any character successfully.

Apart from acting, he is equally successful in the field of politics. In 2014, he was elected as an MP from Medinipur constituency on a Trinamool Congress ticket. In the 2019 election, the veteran actress stepped down due to her age.