June 18, 2021


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Liton is the captain’s choice as the opening partner

Liton Das has not run at bat since he played a record 18-run innings against Zimbabwe in Sylhet in March last year. His runs in the first two ODIs of the just-concluded Sri Lanka series were 0 and 25 respectively. In the previous 6 innings, he has done 14, 22, 0, 19, 0, 21 respectively. In the last 6 innings, the number of his ‘calls’ is 3! Due to such performance, he was dropped in the last ODI. Naeem Sheikh could not do well to get a chance in his place.

However, Tamim wants Liton as his partner. Bangladesh lost by 96 runs in the last ODI yesterday. At the end of the match, captain Tamim Iqbal expressed his opinion, ‘I would like to have a right-handed opener with me. Then it’s good for the team. Then there is a good combination for us. But it doesn’t have to be what I want it to be. If someone performs, Saumya or Naeem, then Naeem will get a good chance, that’s all I can say. ‘

He added: ‘I think Lytton got a chance. He seems to have played 8-9 matches. He could not perform to the best of his ability. But this is not the end for him. We know how good a player he is. When one cricketer fails in a 7-8 match, we felt we should give another one a chance. You can talk about Saumya and Naeem. But we all thought about Naeem. From what I saw in the net or in the preparation match, it seemed that he was batting well. But today is his first match. I hope he will get more opportunities.

In the last ODI of the series against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh lost by a huge margin of 96 runs yesterday. No one could do better with the bat. Neither is captain Tamim Iqbal. However, Tamim-Mushfiqur took the helm after Shakib was out. But that resistance was broken by Tamim’s dismissal. The defeat of Bangladesh was also confirmed. Tamim could not accept that out on the field. Even at the end of the match, he said, he was not out!

The third ball of the tenth over by Sri Lankan fast bowler Dushmantya Chamira touched Tamim’s bat and was deposited in the wicketkeeper’s gloves. The field umpire also declared out. But Tamim could not accept that, he took the review. As seen in the review Ultra AJ, the ball touched Tamim’s bat and went into the keeper’s gloves. Therefore the review failed. Even then Tamim could not accept. After talking to Mushfiqur, Tamim, who scored 16 off 29 balls, left the field.

“I am very disappointed,” Tamim told reporters after the match. I was 100 percent sure I didn’t hit the ball. It is unfortunate that the bat hits the ground when the ball passes by my bat. It was also almost impossible for the umpire to overturn. If the onfield umpire hadn’t given out, things could have been different. But I’m 100 percent sure I didn’t hit the ball. ‘